Downtempo // Jazz

Adam Scrimshire‘s music fascinates me with a quality of being patient with the listener. As if built from maps referencing harmony’s emotions, an introspective and worldly odyssey flourishes with sublime enrapture and plush vitality. It’s spacious and grand, uplifting and cinematic, yet personally affective to cadence nestled deep inside. Along came the Devil one night… transpires awe, friendly accord and console; a beautiful achievement by a gracious music lover and maker.

Mellifluous embodiment of music.
Scrimshire – All Roads Lead You Home
Scrimshire – Springtime (with Claire Laurent)
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5 Responses to “Scrimshire”

  1. Vergel :

    This is something I want to experience live!
    Spacious, grand, uplifting and cinematic are perfect words to describe the feel of the songs.

    Thanks for this

  2. shanice! :

    duuude, your music is amazinggg!
    just thought i’d let you know :)

  3. Christopher :

    All Roads Lead You Home samples from La fille aux cheveux de lin

  4. Adam :

    Hi All, thank you for the lovely comments. Christopher, yes it does, it’s a version by an english colliery band, which is especially beautiful the Brighouse and Rastrick Brass Band.

    If anyone is interested my album is actually available for free download until the end of the year… Happy Christmas.

  5. jam :

    the piece “All Roads Lead You Home” is transcendent and beautiful – sends shivers up & down my spine every time i hear it

    thank you!