Local Natives

indie folk // harmonic folk pop

Silverlake’s Local Natives have been making their way around the blogs lately, and understandably so. The quintet’s unique brand of indie folk highlights their tight vocal harmonies without sacrificing on rolling guitars, keys and percussion or sharp lyrics. Their laid-back and layered folk is a perfect way to wind down the rest of summer — a warm, blooming cocoon of sound. The boys were kind enough to take some time from their hectic schedule to lay down this exclusive acoustic version of “Camera Talk” for us.

Soothing and gorgeous vocal melodies meets sparse folk.
Local Natives – Camera Talk (Acoustic Aurgasm Exclusive)
Local Natives – Airplanes
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7 Responses to “Local Natives”

  1. Adam :

    very cool sound! I like they’re right in silverlake too…happen to know their show schedule?

  2. Sophie Vernon :

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    Thank you x

  3. J6M8 :

    Wow, I’m loving it! Listening to Airplanes right now… Fantastic! Thanks!

  4. Name :

    way to be on top of stuff!

  5. Amanda :

    They have a little bit of a Fleet Foxes sound. I like it!

  6. Jorge :

    great unique sound! good job guys

  7. DS :

    is there anyway to get our hands on said exclusive track? i would like to have it on my iPod very much.