Hanne Hukkelberg

August 16th, 2006 by Paul Irish

norwegian eclectic // vocal

This post will be the first time I’ve featured an artist twice on Aurgasm, but I do it without shame. I introduced Hanne last October, along with her beautiful track Ease. This time, Hanne covers the Pixies track ‘Break My Body‘, trading stage-shaking instrumentation for bedroom intimacy, brash demands for a somber plea. Leading with a tender bassline, a flute peeks around the corner, drawing your attention to the concrete steps where Hanne delivers her words. Brushed percussion and a squeezebox provide a warm coat for Hanne’s cold delivery.

“Turning a screed into a seethe and teasing out the drama. Powerful song.
Hanne Hukkelberg – Break My Body (live) (track 12 on the Aurgasm Summer Soundtrack)
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donthink: Safe Bet

November 10th, 2010 by Kyle
A luscious and vibrant sound was my aim for this mix, titled ‘Safe Bet’ because I wanted to create an introduction to downtempo / electronic music in a way that may captivate and grow interest. To subtly build an unfamiliar atmosphere and give hints of more to explore.

Classical tendencies, strings especially, sweet beats, glitchy cinematic effects and jazzy grooves fill the air. Mixed in 2003 while DJ’ing at ErrorFM as I hoped to inspire people with new music from around the world.

donthink – Safe Bet (63min):

  1. Xploding Plastix – Dieci
  2. Mujaji – Siempre (Jon Kennedy Remix)
  3. Bonobo – Change Down
  4. Jon Kennedy – Brown Acid
  5. Bathysphere – Where’s Vicky (Quantic Mix)
  6. Caural – Sipping Snake Blood Wine (Savath & Savalas Remix)
  7. The Cinematic Orchestra – All Things To All Men ft Roots Manuva
  8. Broadway Project – Beauty
  9. Yenara – When Mountain Meets The Sea
  10. A Guy Called Gerald – Humanity ft Louise Rhodes (Funkstörung Remiks)
  11. Daedelus – Minor Detour
  12. King Seven – Hidden
  13. Opiate – Pk 50
  14. Hint – Count Your Blessings (Bonobo Mix)
  15. Florian Ross – Piano Interlude

Balkan Beats

January 13th, 2008 by Paul Irish

balkan brass remixed // gypsy dance

Balkan dance music has been picking up speed in Europe, in part thanks to the Bucovina Club parties, and in New York at Mehanata Bulgarian Bar. It’s caught my ears lately as well, with blaring horns and Balkan beats discofied to crazy hype levels. Here are two floor mashers I’ve been working into my sets lately. The first comes from Mahala Rai Banda. You may recognize this tune from the Borat soundtrack, but this Felix B dub adds some crushing backbone. It’s on Gypsy Beats and Balkan Bangers out on Atlantic Jaxx. The second is a DJ Zoki blend of Serbian Trubaci and Reggaeton, a great digital dig via thebestyudjs.de.vu, featuring a slew of Euro DJ’s dabbling in Balkan sounds.

From the Balkans to the bumpin’ basements.
Mahala Rai Banda – Mahalageasca (Felix B Jazzhouse Dub)
DJ Zoki – Trubaci Cik Cik (Reggaeton Remix)

Music and words contributed by DJ Ghostdad who spins in Boston, hosts Mofo Radio on WZBC, and blogs.
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Kat Flint

February 23rd, 2008 by Julija

folk // singer-songwriter

With her little piano-folk melodies, gently played acoustic guitars and well thought out lyrics, Scottish songstress Kat Flint embodies the essential aspects of contemporary folk music. The lyrical notes, vibrant freshness and catchy multi-layered vocal lines of “Go Stripes Faster” instantly captured my heart, while addictive hand-claps and kazoo-playing of “Anticlimax” showcase the quirkier side of her songwriting skills. Stylistically comparable to numerous folk-oriented artists, Kat brings emotion and a distinctive quality to every song she crafts.

A promising talent to the newly flourishing British folk scene.
Kat Flint – Go Faster Stripes
Kat Flint – Anticlimax
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September 4th, 2008 by Julija

electroacoustic // pop

Each summer brings a variety of bright, sunny and catchy songs. The sweet vocals, gentle humour and the sing-along lines of Lenka’s debut single “The Show” (2008) caress the ear and perfectly define those warm, flirtatious and easy-breezy summer days. With her solo debut the Australian-born artist delivers a fine blend of quirky pop, dreamy-indie qualities and electroacoustic sweetness.

Such a sweet treat.
Lenka – The Show
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Copyright Conflict: The Aftermath

November 20th, 2006 by Paul Irish

Three weeks ago, I fired off an email to the IFPI, who had ordered a DMCA takedown notice for the entirety of Aurgasm’s music.

Through some back-n-forth, I was informed that the IFPI’s complaint was only addressing three songs, not all of the music. (In particular, they didn’t like the An Pierlé and the Lily Allen music being shared.) I decided to seek permission for those two artists with which I could then file a counter-notification back at the IFPI. I tried getting in touch with An Pierlé’s management at PIAS/Helicopter, but a response never came from the contact points I found. Lily’s representation proved a little more accessible. Although they did give me permission; it was granted reluctantly and only for a week’s time.

Now, since the complaint was regarding three songs, I could reinstate the rest of the music archive. For now, I’m going to hold off on that and continue to post music we have explicit permission to share. I’m going to be making a few upgrades to Aurgasm quite soon that will improve the whole experience for music fans and copyright holders. Stay tuned.

In Other News

I’ve learned that Aurgasm got a shout-out in Britain’s National Newspaper of the Year, The Guardian. We were mentioned in the sidebar about soul music blogs in The Guardian Guide this last Saturday, Nov 19. It’s not online and my local libraries don’t have it, so if any of my British brethren can hook me up with a scan of it, I’d be most appreciative.

Update! Updates!

(11/22) My good man Duncan hooked me up with a scan of the pages. (Thank you!) Check em out:

(11/27) …and we just got in a scan of Southwest Airline’s in-flight magazine Spirits, who ran an article on mp3 blogs. Aurgasm and a few of my excellent brothers were included:

Lil Wayne

December 20th, 2005 by Paul Irish

hip hop // neo-soul remixed

I’ll admit it’s odd for me to be writing on a fairly popular dirty south rap star, but this track “Shooter” has been on solid rotation since I first peeped. The casually dope bassline vibes underneath syncopated soul lyrics from Robin Thicke. Weezy gets in his breathy interjections every couple seconds until he lays into it heavy, nearly 90 seconds after the track starts. Tommy B describes it eloquently, “He’s got an easy drawl on this song, not the playful rasp from the rest of the album but a laid-back, unforced stream-of-consciousness that matches up perfectly with the track’s back-porch sunny-Alabama-afternoon lope.” Thicke’s 2003 soul track “Oh Shooter” bore that addictive lope, only it had Robin’s vocal crooning instead of Lil Wayne’s loose lyrics.
Firey southern rap dropped into a soulful riverboat groove.

Lil Wayne – Shooter
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Ben l’Oncle Soul

September 12th, 2010 by Sjoerd

soul // french // motown Ben l'Oncle Soul

The sounds of Ben l’Oncle Soul are spreading through Europe, with a major hit this summer in the form of an uptempo soul cover of “Seven Nation Army”. Signed to Motown, Ben has all elements covered. Some say his style is not original enough, but when the styles are blended and performed this well, and the songs are this catchy, who really cares. This is good music. Period. So if you like soul & funk and appreciate a singer that knows how to manipulate his sound to range from John Legend to Jamie Lidell and back to all the soul greats from the ol’ days, this should be on blast.

French retro soul with a modern edge.
Ben l’oncle Soul – Seven Nation Army
Ben l’oncle Soul – Soulman

[Editor’s Note: Please join me in welcoming Sjoerd Kranendonk to Aurgasm. Also known as zephirnl on soundcloud and @mffonline on twitter, he has a mean habit of unearthing the good ‘n raw funky stuff. We’re thrilled to have him share his best finds here.]

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Lia Ices

March 28th, 2013 by Julija

minimal folk // avant-pop

The avant-garde pop songstress Lia Ices possesses the theatrical glamour of Florence Welch, while her husky, half-whispered vocals are reminiscent of Joanna Newsom, Kate Bush and Cat Power. Lia’s album Grown Uknown (2011) offers minimalist folk music with hand clap percussion, baroque strings and her cuttingly sweet voice. It’s the kind of record probably best listened to as a single coherent work and it’s been my soundtrack for the long cold winter nights.

Majestically haunting folk.

Lia Ices – Grown Unknown

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October 4th, 2006 by Paul Irish

lounge jazz // downtempo // polish future jazz

What the nascent polish jazz group Muzykoterapia has already mastered is bringing the fun and dynamicism of live music to the studio, while maintaining a modicum of post-production that keeps your brain as busy as your body. In “Haunting Love”, vocalist Iza Kowalewska dominates a vamping piano, slathering on a sultry flavor while each rimshot bitchslaps your pleasure center. Raising the energy level, the MZT remix of Roman Two sets a fire in the lounge hall and expects your sweat to extinguish the flames.

On the rocks. What a fox.
Muzykoterapia – Love Haunting
Muzykoterapia – Roman Two (MZT Remix)
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