Mechanical Bride

February 17th, 2008 by Julija

british folk

You might not have heard of oddly named Mechanical Bride, a.k.a. Lauren Doss, a young folk songstress from Brighton, but there’s a pretty big chance her song “Umbrella” will sound familiar. Mechanical Brides’ radical rework of Rihanna’s R&B styled “Umbrella” renders the ubiquitous hit into a beautiful folk ballad. Slowing the tempo down and adding a slightly eerie feeling to it, Mechanical Bride bewitches with gentle piano refrains, tender voice and haunting whispers, not only making it a highly successful cover, but giving it a whole new meaning.

Unexpectedly original interpretation.
Mechanical Bride – Umbrella
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Little Dragon

November 7th, 2007 by Kyle

electrojazz // glitch-soul

If a few piano keys can give way to glitchy sounds swirled around to accompany a soulful, jazzy, bassline bop, then strutted with a parade of atmospheric keyboards, hi-hats, and 80’s movie charm, where a melodically-luscious, poignant voice plays freely atop a heartbeat’s skyline, than you’d be listening to Little Dragon. Yukimi Nagano, by way of Swell Session, Koop, and José González, is making music with high school friends Erik Bodin (drums), Fredrik Wallin (bass) and Håkan Wirenstrand (keyboards). Peacefrog!

A jack-in-the-box of passionate and playful stories.
Little Dragon – Twice
Little Dragon – Constant Suprises
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donthink: Classick #57

December 24th, 2011 by Kyle
Cleaning barn stalls on the farm is often accompanied by my Uncle’s radio playing AM stations, and fresh sounds from generations passed inspired me to make a mix where current electronic trends resemble classic gems. Open your ears to 60’s pop, swinging electric beats, rumbling jazz, hazy noir, retro boogie, school band funk, swanky smooth sensations, robotic soul, and a safe moon landing. 2002 ErrorFM

donthink – Classick #57 (58min):

  1. Nancy Sinatra – These Boots Are Made for Walkin’ [1966]
  2. Cujo – Popsicle [2002]
  3. Defcon 5 ft Bluu – Goodbye [2002]
  4. Louis Prima – Jump Jive an’ Wail (Tranquility Bass Remix) [1956 / 1999]
  5. DJ Git Hyper – Just Face It [1997]
  6. Henry Mancini – Lujon [1959]
  7. Anjali – Lazy Lagoon [2000]
  8. Fingathing – Come on Girls [2000]
  9. Mo’Horizons – Do the Boogaloo [2001]
  10. Shirley Ellis – The Clapping Song [1965]
  11. DJ Shadow – The Newborn Hippopotamus Jazz Rock Machine [2000]
  12. Louise Vertigo – Où est la Femme? [1998]
  13. Jazzanova – L.O.V.E. and You & I ft David Friedman & Paul Kleber [2002]
  14. Michael Jackson – Ain’t No Sunshine (SSY Remix) [1972 / 2001]
  15. Avia – Exil Exit [1998]

Gwyneth Herbert

September 25th, 2007 by Andrew Ladd

jazz // folk // acoustic

At the Fringe venue where I work most summers, the name Gwyneth Herbert has always lurked deep in the music program, and this year I finally decided to check her out. This is what I wrote about the show at the time:

She is stop-you-in-your-tracks, shoot-you-in-the-face fantastic. Her lyrics are tight, her voice elegant, her manner onstage masterful; and it was all backed up by some really superb guitar by Al Cherry.

These tracks are from her latest LP, Between Me And The Wardrobe, which has just been picked up by Blue Note UK. They’re full of beautifully sparse instrumentation over which her vocals get to really gleam and shine. Do yourself a favour and buy the album.

Quiet and beguiling.
Gwyneth Herbert – Lay You Down
Gwyneth Herbert – Sweet Thing
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The Delano Orchestra

March 10th, 2008 by Anne Cloudman

french folk // indie

French ensemble, The Delano Orchestra, use everything from the bouzouki to the glockenspiel to craft their elegant understated tracks, but it’s the soft-spoken, whispered vocals that create their intimate sound. Scratchy electric guitars and soothing trumpets fill out the somber “Between Day and Night” while the melody of “Spread Our Little Wings” exudes a warming charm. Both tracks are from their endearingly-named debut album A little girl, a little boy, and all the snails they have drawn.

Fragile innocence meets textured instrumentals.

The Delano Orchestra – Between Day & Night
The Delano Orchestra – Spread Our Little Wings
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Alex & Sam

April 2nd, 2008 by Michelle

indie folk // acoustic pop

When I first heard the gentle tunes of Alex & Sam, it was absurd how quickly I became enamored with their jazz-influenced, indie folk sound. Throughout their debut E.P., Sounds Like This: Part One, the duo’s deceptively simple melodies and intimate vocals are paired with full strings, keyboards, horns and a gentle percussion that keeps the whole record moving. Whether it’s Alex or Sam taking the vocal lead (or both), each song is a gem, lovely and unexpected.

Effortless melodies and intoxicating harmonies.
Alex & Sam – Buy Your Side
Alex & Sam – Land Of The Free
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November 13th, 2007 by Kyle

broken beat // future jazz // hip-hop

Breakdancing and graffiti roots converge with fashionable French writing and visual stimuli to create a contagious blend of soulful, jazzy good rhymes, laden with a hip-hop reverie that’s almost non-existent these days. Irfane Khan-Acito, Jay1 & Jerome Hadey from Strasbourg and Paris fuse an album of everyday messages people tend to share or ignore, but ultimately live through, with a positive, youthful expression.

Dancefloor grooves that inspire and ignite.
Outlines – Just A Lil Lovin
Outlines – Now That I’m Free
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Track N Field

September 24th, 2008 by Paul Irish

lounge // exotic // downtempo // trip-hop

Some downtempo elicits a strong atmosphere: you’re with friends around a beachfire at 5am, you’re on a roofdeck swaying with the sunset, you’re lips-distance intimate. The stellar downtempo from the Finnish duo of Roberto Rodriguez and Jukka Kaartinen feels appropriate for all of these; it doesn’t serve a single setting. Wide arrangements full of mallet percussion, rich string bass, rhodes piano, balanced against a classy smattering of synths. These songs’ seductive quality completely snuck up on me.

A cinematic balance of strength and beauty.
Track N Field – Marathon
Track N Field – Nobody Waits

Attention my readers in Japan: My lady and I will be coming your way on October 3rd and I’d love to get your tips on what to do, visit, grab a drink, do karaoke, whatever! Holler at me with a comment here and I’ll follow up with you. :)
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Valérie Leulliot

January 21st, 2009 by Julija

folk-pop // french acoustic

Former singer of Autour de Lucie, a rather well-known French indie-pop act, Valérie Leulliot has recorded her solo album entirely in one room, with instruments such as piano, acoustic guitars, banjo, percussions and a computer. Valérie’s “Mon Homme Blessé”, Caldeira (2007), possesses Mediterranean inspired arrangements and soft vocals along with an intimate feeling. In “Au Virage” Valérie meanders and slowly unfolds tranquil soundscapes, creating a beautifully melancholic atmosphere.

Hushed vocals glide between warm, quiet tones.
Valérie Leulliot – Mon Homme Blessé
Valérie Leulliot – Au Virage
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Katie Costello

December 26th, 2010 by Julija

indie-pop // singer-songwriter

Over the last few years numerous indie artists went vintage with their music. Katie Costello’s quirky retro melodies share the current trend and similarities with Rosi Golan, Lucy Schwartz, Laura Jansen and Regina Spektor and yet evolve into her own original and captivating sound. Set to release in early 2011, Katie’s album Lamplight is a collection of contagiously melodic, clever and soulful piano driven pop songs that will capture the hearts (and ears) of many. “Ashes Ashes” offers a sweet taste of the upcoming album, while the lyrical “How Do We Know” is taken from Katie’s latest EP.

Sweetest melodies.
Katie Costello – Ashes Ashes
Katie Costello – How Do We Know
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