William Orbit

vocal electronica // atmospheric

He crafted Madonna’s grammy-winning comeback Ray Of Light, been criticized by composer Arvo Pärt, loved by tranceheads (Ferry Corsten’s trance remix of Adagio For Strings, anyone?), and shunned by many others. (Seriously, what’s with the name?) Now, William Orbit is releasing a solo artist album far better than his previous Pieces In A Modern Style. To be honest, I don’t want to enjoy his music, but I can’t maintain disinterest. The album is entirely too cohesive–it sounds like different themes of the same (beautiful) song. But I’m still moved by the angelic melodies on this album despite their methodical (over)production.
An A+ album I wish were by someone else.

William Orbit – Surfin
William Orbit – They Live In The Sky
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12 Responses to “William Orbit”

  1. Muriel :

    You’re right, angelic, but [annoyingly] cohesive. Maybe because I am just one for shuffle. (I enjoyed Surfin better than the other.)

  2. Anne :

    I get the sense that a lot of people feel the same way – they don’t want to like this music. Maybe audiobloggers and audioblog readers (audioblogophiles??) shouldn’t be so concerned with how trendy or hip or unknown a particular artist is, rather the focus should be the music itself. Is it so wrong to like mainstream music? [Although I’d hesitate to call William Ørbit mainstream.] Either way, this music makes me happy. Just when I was thinking it had been too long since the last really good ambient electronica album…

  3. Leo :

    I like how he uses base on They Live In The Sky without it being clubby-dancefloor. I like how the few odd sounds in these songs don’t seem like gimmicks used to prop up an insubstantial instrumental background. Part of trance, to me anyway, is making the insubstantial instrumental seem substantial. I think Orbit succeeds with that.

    I’m usually not a fan of music that sounds like stuff I could make a home. There are portions of the tracks that seem like they follow some sort of formula and if I just had the program he used I could make this music too. There are just enough of those moments (like the cheesey lyrics or the sea gulls) to prevent me from rushing out and buying the album. I’ll have to let this grow on me before I ask for more.

  4. Seb Jarakian :

    I must say this new album might take some time to get used to. I love Pieces In A Modern Style for how beautiful and ambient it was.

  5. Tim Young :

    Yup. Pieces in a Modern style was my favorite going to sleep album for a long time after in came out. This I’m really not sure about yet. I’m giving it a listen nonetheless!

  6. Runman :

    Anyone remember Bassomatic? When Orbit first emerged as a groove scientist. Sensational. A big name and pro in the industry now, but I feel in the decade or more since he first emerged on the cutting edge, he has now fallen into pedestrian mediocrity.

  7. Paul Irish :

    Wow.. that’s pretty old stuff. I can’t say I remember it – I was only eight when it was released.
    I’ll take a listen to Set the Controls for the Heart of the Bass and let you know! I’m pumped to hear it.

  8. Mars :

    Two days ago I bought “Hello Waveforms” at my local record store.

    It is so beautiful, ethereal, entrancing… exactly what this world needs right now!

  9. Runman :

    Paul, I’m well pleased you chased up ‘Set The Controls’. Please leave your thoughts, particularly on the track ‘Fascinating Rhythm’ old can still sound good. But I have older ears I guess.

  10. Rob :

    thanks for this post, i’m actually quite enjoying “surfin”… cheers.

  11. pindi :


    Thought you might also be interested to know of William O’s Strange Cargo series of albums, one of which stars a young Beth Orton. The track is taken from the Strange Cargo 3 and is entitled ‘Water from a Vine Leaf’.
    Haven’t listened to the tracks posted hear but looking forward to it.

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