The Ark

swedish glam-rock

During last year’s South By Southwest festival, hipsters heading down 6th Street on their way to the Bloc Party show were stopped when passing by a closet of a club called The Drink. Inside the giant sidewalk window, leadman Ola Salo was jumping from amp to ceiling light to drum set, while his band was pumping out firey glam rock action. Now, typically music with electric guitars and drums doesn’t strike my fancy, but The Ark definitely forces the volume knob up. ‘Rock City Wankers’ perfectly showcases their ability to instantly spawn a party with their vibrant attitude.
Dynamic rock that makes it impossible to stand still.

The Ark – Rock City Wankers
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9 Responses to “The Ark”

  1. Runman :

    Oooh, dunno, a bit harsh Paul.

  2. Paul Irish :

    Really? It’s like a rock concert at a carnival, to me.

  3. AngerBoy :

    This rocks my socks.

  4. AJ :

    Hi all i have been lucky enough to see ‘the ark’ live cos they were support act to ‘the darkness’ and they were fuckin fantastic and im gonna buy their album too

  5. Anonymous :

    damn… i would have loved to see this band with the darkness. that would be hot.

    like your mom

  6. Hampus Krona :

    OMG! We sweeds have had the fabulus joy of haveing these guyes all to ourselves. But ofcourse.. we are willing to share… The Ark is not only an band, it is a “statement”. And they rock the hell out of everything! — *lover of the Ark*

  7. Anonymous :

    Fairly super, in a Stiff Little Fingers way. Break out my Members Only jacket, I’m going to Eightiesville. Keep bringing us the good stuff!

  8. MonMouth :

    Sounds like NYC, smells like subway platforms; can’t be Swedish.

  9. Anonymous :

    The Ark is the best I have ever seen!! I’ve been an ARK-lover since 2001…I can’t get enough, they’re fantastic and I’m gonna see them again in Italy on 11th June!! Can’t wait…they rock…I need them in my life! Vale from Italy.