Sonya Kitchell

vocal jazz // americana blues

The smoky vocal mysticism of Norah Jones and Natalie Merchant. Unique and developed songwriting ability. This young woman, Sonya Kitchell, has created a calm sound of maturity that you wouldn’t expect from a sixteen year-old. Yes, she’s sixteen. Not to let that be the novelty that propels her popularity–her talent alone can do that plenty. (Alas, the selling point of the talented Matisyahu was his novel cultural juxtaposition, not his firebrand musicianship. :-/) “Train”, from her upcoming album, chugs along fueled by a strummy guitar and Sonya’s full voice. Look for this one in your local Starbucks in a few months.
Young girl with an old soul.

Sonya Kitchell – Train
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21 Responses to “Sonya Kitchell”

  1. AZ :

    That’s quite amazing. Probably gonna pick this one up when it hits the stores- right in the sweetspot. Thanks!

  2. Anonymous :

    Sh’e definitely going to challenge Norah for the crown. Good stuff.

  3. supergurg :

    a sultry jazzy little number!

    thanks again,

  4. Anonymous :

    This is absolutely amazing. Thanks.

  5. Runman :

    Wow, that track bespeaks of a talent on the way, what a voice, surely not even fully developed yet. I can see, and hear her going more towards Fiona Apple’s Tidal album, track ‘Sullen Girl, more than the Norah Jones direction. Or maybe that’s merely what I’d like her to do.

  6. Tim Young :

    Sounds an awful lot like Joss Stone to me?

    the face of today

  7. Anonymous :

    U can appreciate this artist and many others on RADIO SHIC PODCAST

  8. Paul Irish :

    Okay stop it with the self-linking, guys.

    I’ll recommend my readers to Radio Shic, though. He’s got a good thing going.

  9. Daisy :

    Gorgeous voice! I think there are similarities to Norah Jones and Joss Stone but it feels less “produced” and is all the better for it. I suspect she’s made another fan here, thanks for the post.

  10. Moka :

    I find her more similar to jolie holland than to norah jones-
    She sounds promising, thanks.

  11. mylime :

    I can’t stop listening to this album. The muted tones of melancholy make me fear she’ll follow the plath of sylvia.

  12. Robbie :

    Another great post, Paul.
    I’m consistently amazed at the music you find.

    Looks like I need to go shopping.

  13. Kerry :

    And, more than two weeks later, we’re dying for a post here… please, I need my, er, aurgasm fix.

  14. Anonymous :

    she is really good. thanks for writing about her. nice blog.

  15. Paul Irish :

    Kerry, I just updated to satisfy your needs. :) Also, another reflex reaction is coming super soon, too. And I’ll be giving away a REAL TANGIBLE PRIZE!!!

  16. wes :

    I saw her perform last year, industry showcase, at 15, very confident performer, had an amazing band with other youngsters, particularly the piano player Miro something. Her management team has already refused a few record deals so I feel this girl will actually end up doing very well for herself

  17. cbro :

    She is amazing live but be careful of the cd it is not that strong. Which is strange. She is such a confident performer and only 16. She has “it”…now if we could just get “it” on the cd. Sorry but I was disappointed.

  18. Paul Irish :

    cbro, sucks to hear the CD didnt grab you. I definitely pick my favorite track on the CD to post here.. so you can expect every song to be not as good as what you see here… :) But i try to pick good music FROM good albums, too.
    Anywho. thanks for the feedback.

  19. Jilly :

    very nice. i definitely hear norah jones, but i also hear a little joss stone somewhere in there.

  20. Leaphty :

    I heard Sonya on an NPR interview and it took awhile to hunt her down but I just bought both her CD’s and picked up shirts for my kids. This young lady will be a part of the music industry for the ages. She is a classic already. I think I’m in love.

  21. Kathy :

    I heard Sonya in a Starbucks in passing and caught me. I ‘looked her up’ on Limewire, and will be going out to pick her up in my local CD shop. She’s very cool. And surprised me huge when I found out she is 16. Yes, I yelled out loud, “SHE’S SIXTEEN?!” Good thing I was at home.