Jomi Massage

danish singer-songwriter // brooding // experimental

Jomi Massage is not the name of a woman. It’s an “electric massage device” from the early 1960’s, back when marketing such a device was rather daring. Songwriter Signe Hoirup Willie-Jorgensen wanted embody the sensual, touching and alluring feeling with her brave music as Jomi Massage. Listen to “Undressing Aloud” with your headphones plugged in: it is filled with sensuality, thrilling tenderness, and contains a certain vulnerable and fragile feeling. “Like weather” sounds melancholic, slightly moody and sorrowful.

Daring and baring, expressive and sensitive.
Jomi Massage – Undressing Aloud
Jomi Massage – Like Weather
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4 Responses to “Jomi Massage”

  1. Benoit :

    Very very nice music, the track like weather is very beautifull. To listening in front of wonderful landscape.

  2. Emma :

    Here’s a playlist with more Jomi Massage:

  3. oktomanota :

    really wounderful music,
    nice blog

  4. Anonymous :

    I really love this music. Absolutely mesmerising.

    Nice blog.