Val Bennett

roots reggae // jazz standard cover

It’s been unseasonably warm in the Northeast and the dry air necessitates humidifiers which then inevitably lead me to mimicking some deep toking. All in all, the perfect ambiance to absorb some new new reggae and dub CDs my roommate Adam just acquired. I heard this tune snaking out of his room just an hour ago. Oddly enough, it’s not from his CDs, but rather playing from the theme of the 80’s series “The Secret Life Of Machines(recommended!). This is basically a roots reggae cover of the Dave Brubek Quartet classic “Take Five”. While Brubek’s name is usually attached to the tune, it’s genius was actually conceived by writer Paul Desmond, who was one of my first posts on Aurgasm.

Take it easy, take it slow, take five.
Val Bennett – The Russians Are Coming
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12 Responses to “Val Bennett”

  1. John :

    Simply beautiful. Thanks

  2. k. :

    this is awesome paul good look.

  3. DJ durutti :


    thanks Paul

  4. Scott :

    I used to watch Secret Life of Machines in the early 90’s on TLC. This theme song led me on a year quest to find someone in mid-Michigan who could actually tell me what song this was. I finally heard the original Dave Brubeck tune in a Barnes&Noble in Kalamazoo. Do this day I’ve wondered about the reggae version.

    Your post today fulfilled many years of mystery and a adolescent memory. Thank you.

  5. Dustin Senos :

    I can’t say I have anything as rich as Scott to say. But I did enjoy the tune!


  6. no1uno :

    I like this version too – and was reminded of Tito Puente – Take Five from Mambo Diablo. Check it out for something a more upbeat if you like. That whole album is phenomenal if you like latin jazz.

  7. Anonymous :

    Masterpiece! Frankly, this roots reggae version is almost better than the original. Thanks.

    Been hooked to your blog for almost a year now, and I discovered some wonderful new music.


  8. Colin :

    Cracking tune – thanks.

  9. Paul Irish :

    Scott- I’m late at publicly replying, but I wanted to say your comment above is probably one of the coolest stories my blog has made. I’m glad to help solve that mystery. Cheers!

  10. Mark Gorney :

    I was surprised to see this and think it’s great that you put the original 45 but this is technically rocksteady as opposed to reggae. A niggling point perhaps but I’m gonna make it anyway.

    The track was cut in 1967 and is a Bunny Lee production, the same guy that produced most of Johnny Clarke’s 1970s hits like “Move Out of Babylon.”

    Val Bennett had a mouth full of gold teeth and at one point drove a hearse.

    Keep up the good work


  11. Bellota :

    Qué pasada!!! Maravilloso, estoy flotando.

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