minimal // melodic // laptop folk

Stirring itself amongst the air molecules, Inch-Time’s music seems to honor the air that carries it. It treats the medium as a character in the music. Aussie Stefan Panczak (currently based in London) wields a precise production of organic and natural sampled sounds. He released this single early 2006 and has since released his LP on UK label Static Caravan. “Icicles & Snowflakes” peeked out at me from the recent Jazzanova & Resoul compilation Secret Love 3.

A deliberate leak from your speakers.
Inch-Time – Icicles & Snowflakes
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8 Responses to “Inch-Time”

  1. Jen :

    Awesomeness. Thanks.

  2. delta9 :

    Inusitado, sutil e melancólico.

  3. The Anti-Fashionista :

    I’m glad that finally, there are people writing about Inch-Time. Well done and a great sample choice.

  4. R.S. :

    This is quite pretty and well done. Reminds me of some Robert Rich. Tasteful.

  5. Hannah :

    Oh wow, this is terrific! Thank you.

  6. JL :

    Exquisite – really lovely atmosphere & textures. Many thanks for posting!

  7. Ray :

    This is cool, except for the fact that the high scratchy part makes me think my neck bones are creaking.

  8. Eric :

    THis is great stuff. Thanks for posting.