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Flanger first recorded records in the experimental downtempo realm. When they started recording their 2005 album, Spirituals they seemed to take a page from label-mate Jamie Lidell‘s book: they transitioned into more soul ‘n blues based songwriting. The reeded instruments in “Crime in the Pale Moonlight” provide the perfect accouterments to Riff Pike’s crooning. “How Long is the Wrong Way” gives us a little lighter jaunt down Finger Snappin’ Lane.

Where inspiration to play and sing come from above.
Flanger – Crime in the pale moonlight
Flanger – How long is the wrong way
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6 Responses to “Flanger”

  1. Eli :

    that’s amazing.

  2. Micha :

    Flanger is an amazing artist.

    I love his album also, Which is standing directly next to me. After I read this here I had to here that CD again.

    and it is as gorgous as it was everytime I heard it till now.

    (somehow confusing what I’m typing ^^”

  3. Marc :


  4. Stephanie :

    Cool!! Kinda reminds me of these guys-


  5. runman :

    Mmm…I have to reappraise my thoughts re Flanger now. I’ve heard some earlier stuff, and didn’t fancy it much, but the horn and laid back style on the ‘Crime’ track was way cool.
    Thanks as always Paul.

    @Stephanie: Reminds you of Valeze…how?

  6. sunil joshi :

    What a nice sound! I must be living in a cave to have missed Flanger. Thanks for a great introduction!