Hey DJ Friday: Chris Isaak and dub

Dub feels like the perfect match for one of the all-time classic love songs, “Wicked Game”. Business Man is a pseudonym of electronic music artist of the year Trentemøller, and he continues to execute with finesse.

Business Man – Dubby Games (Dub remix of ‘Wicked Game’)

24 Responses to “Hey DJ Friday: Chris Isaak and dub”

  1. Paul Irish :

    ps. Thanks, Discobelle.

  2. Sayonara chance :

    Thanks for the track Mr. Irish. I heard it first on Trentemøller’s Essential Mix on Radio One back in October (after falling in love w/ the album of course), which appeared as ‘Wicked Games (Trentemoller’s Unofficial Remake)’ on the tracklist. Just love the details in his music. 2006 was definitely about the whole minimal/electro sounds, now that the year’s almost over.

    Happy holidays & stay safe!

  3. Anonymous :

    I’ve not heard anything this wickedly chill in ages! Fantastic!

  4. Anonymous :

    I thought it was called Wicked Game..?

  5. Paul Irish :

    @ Sayonara: Yeah apparently the single was released in late 2005, but only really gained attention circa Oct this year. But you’re right. I’m excited to see what 2007 offers.

    @ Anon: good call, bud. I updated.

  6. Nick Francis :

    Paul –
    Very cool version of that tune. It made me go further online to listen to some Trentemoller tunes. He’s really good.
    Thanks. Nick

  7. Roland :

    Very nice, thanks a lot. Trentemøller’s “Take Me Into Your Skin” (via Aurgasm) was one of my favorite tracks, electronic or otherwise, from the past year, and it’s nice to find more things frlom Trent. Keep up the good work!

  8. KiDG :

    This track is so bloody good! Cheers for the share mate!

  9. runman :

    Great track Paul, and I am one lucky dude cause I get to see Trentmoller on the 12th, can’t wait.
    Got to tip my hat to Chris Isaak as well, not my usual cup o tea, but the worlds better off with him around.

  10. The Emperor of New London :

    The best tune I’ve heard in 2006. Period.

  11. Dgrador :

    In the minority, I was let down by this.

  12. Anonymous :

    Sorry, but this is retarded.

  13. Anonymous :

    Great stuff!

  14. ps :

    Dub dubby! Many thanks…

  15. Enkeling :

    This is the kind of remix I like, a bit on the novelty side but still really listenable when that novelty wears off. Props!

  16. jessica :

    this pick was awesome. i used to be kind of embarassed that i liked chris issac’s song, but this dub mix made me happy i enjoy the song so much. thanks for always posting really good stuff. i am always grateful.

  17. Anonymous :

    really great stuff mate! you should send your reccord to universal music man!

  18. Anonymous :

    This is an absolutely awsome dub mix. Heard it on Danish P3 last friday and spent some time tracking it down to here. Great share… and this tune has a ton of atmosphere. Awsome!

  19. Anonymous :

    Breathes new life into an old classic.

  20. JW :

    tip of the hat!

  21. Anonymous :

    Wicked bootleg. Thnx for sharing.
    / a

  22. Milkieboy :

    Love it, can it be done under yousendit or rapidshere?

    email me @ mfuentesappleby@gmail.com

  23. #543 :

    Oh this dub stile just make my day better each time I hear it… divine feeling although I’m not even in love.

  24. SugarTax :

    This is great dub; not so evasive of a classic yet at the same time refreshing. Bravo to Trentemøller.