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I promised myself I’d listen to 2005′s Toujours le meme film whenever I wanted to recall the accomplishments of the downtempo movement. The album, (over)produced by Paul Nawrata aka Urbs, is so complicated that it evokes emotions far beyond where current downtempo can reach. His aesthetic sophistication is impressive, creating a new motto that less is, actually, never more. And because his effortless groove never sounds congested, we are left with not mere beats, but life stories, spanning more than one time frame.

Vienna chanteuse, whisper me a new tune.
Urbs – So Weit
Urbs – Tu Moi Aussi?

Words contributed by Angad Raj Singh
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12 Responses to “Urbs”

  1. Paul Irish :

    “So Weit” is one of those undeniably good downtempo classics. The drip-drop in the beginning and the ultra-harmonic saxes in the bridge. Sadly, downtempo just isn’t the same these days. damn.

  2. shemaiah :

    Thank you. I am really enjoying finding new music here.

  3. r2d2 :

    “So weit” has a large similarity to “Waltz for a Little Bird” (Rainstick Orchestra, album “The Floating Glass Key in the Sky”, Ninja Tune, 2004, http://www.ninjatune.net/ninja/artist.php?id=113).

  4. Paul Irish :

    Strong hit, r2d2. You’re right on. It’s been a while since I listened to that record, but perhaps it is the reason So Weit always felt a little familiar.

  5. CHERYSE :

    I love what you’ve got going here. I’m an avid reader who has found my life refined by the music you so kindly render to the public.

    Anyway, just wondering if you’ve heard of Waldeck? Check them out!

  6. CHERYSE :


  7. melanie :

    excellent classical downtempo..thnks

  8. snow_san :


  9. Paul Irish :

    Hmm Bardo State didn’t really do it for me.

  10. Tom :

    Great tip Paul – loving ‘So weit’. On the strength of the first 20 seconds I’ve just purchased the whole album from emusic :-)

    Thanks for discovering this for me, I’ve yet to listen to the others but ‘so weit’ is definitely going to be a classic in my collection for some time to come

  11. Happybutterfly :

    Yep , loving this. Loving the player and the whole format of this site. Thanks again.

  12. UniDyne :

    Reminds me of Waldeck’s Ballroom Stories album.