electronic // downtempo

Downtempo styled, subtle orchestral arrangements of Polish pianist and producer Andrzej Smolik conjure a sonic universe of smooth and dreamy modern pop gems. With delicate electronic whiffs of Zero 7, the beautifully crafted and sensual synthlines of “Cye” and “A Million Cheap Tricks” carry warm female vocals, a bouncy comforting feel and melodic appeal.

Relaxed tempo, unwinding at the end of the day.
Smolik – Cye (feat. Kasia Kurzawska)
Smolik – A Million Cheap Tricks (feat. Maya Singh)
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5 Responses to “Smolik”

  1. Micha :

    lol, I thought about sending in some songs of Smolik… Well so now I don’t need to. ^^

    great stuff and buy the album ~ it’s great.

  2. bob :

    smells like farts.

  3. spung :

    This is quite nice. Lovely orchestrals paired lovingly with the dreamy vocals. Reminds me of farts, but I don’t get the smell.

  4. jazgar :

    Julija, really enjoy your posts (first introduction to Yael Naim, Enocksson, Dawn Landes etc.) I have to admit I did not realize at first how many different posters there are here now – I thought it was all Paul. So anyway just wanted to say “thanks!” Good work.

  5. Mia :

    Mmm I love this melodic and lovely tune.
    I actually have it and heard it this morning, I was glad you have it posted as I want to link this tune to a photo. I’ve been following since it was only Paul, thank you I love this site !