Samsara Sound System

illbient // worldbeat

The Daf, Santur, and Bazantar are Middle East instruments you’ll hear alongside turntables and synthesizers in this Brooklyn-grown melange by a man called Professor Shehab. Having performed with Qaballah Steppers, Scarab, and The Baraka Orchestra, he’s no stranger to entrancing soundscapes. Alan Kushan, Bill Laswell, DXT, Mark Deutsch, and Mark Pistel of Meat Beat Manifesto lend their talents; cultivating elements of Turkish, Arabic, and Persian resonance into a unique illbient mood.

Tantalizing synapses.
Samsara Sound System – Shiraz
Samsara Sound System – Cycle In Progress
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4 Responses to “Samsara Sound System”

  1. Kevin C :

    Wow, thats all I have to say, and this is from brooklyn? I love it anyway but its good to hear its so close to home, I might be able to go meet the guy :)!

  2. googoodoll :

    I just love Aurgasm and all the cool music that I am discovering!! —-

  3. Gaylon Erickson :

    Found my first CD in Bali with just one recording of Samsara S.S. on it. LOVE IT! Hunting for more….

  4. Dave :

    I highly recommend the first Samsara album as well. After a few years wandering in Iran, the Prof. is back stateside and hopefully will be releasing more soon….