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Kreidler has one of those sounds that teeters on the edge of being irritatingly experimental, but is pulled back by some solid acoustic instrumentation and a good sense of beat and build. Their debut, Weekend showcases an odd mix of chirps and clicks, along with some more conventional driving bass and lightly rocky drums. Some of it’s a bit Four Tet-ish, but it’s a little meaner with its melodies than the English artist, and the overall effect is something slightly darker.

German innovation.
Kreidler – La Capital
Kreidler – Sand Colour Classic
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9 Responses to “Kreidler”

  1. n :

    not to be overly nitpicky. four tet is kieran hebden — he’s an uno. this music is nice, tho

  2. Paul Irish :

    this is true. thx n.

  3. Andrew Ladd :

    My bad… I need a proofreader.

  4. n :


  5. Benoit :

    Thanx for this tracks. I like!

  6. Ingó :

    Sand color classic is phuckin crap :(

  7. Brandon :

    The funk is coming yo! And Whirlyboy is bringing it!

  8. nina :

    I like it. It’ll be good for my Modern dance classes. thanks

  9. mb :

    first impression – modern Moondog.