Lefties Soul Connection

raw funk // soul

I’ll admit to having a certain weakness for Hammond organs “” and if you don’t share that with me you may not think much of Lefties Soul Connection, an Amsterdam based funk/soul outfit with a gravelly, retro sensibility and, yes, a mean Hammond player. Their drums bang loud and crisp, their guitars rock and wobble, and your speakers, if you’re doing it right, will buzz something fierce. (They also have an pretty fantastic music video for their song “Fais Do Do”; check it out!)

Sunny, carefree fun.
Lefties Soul Connection – Paul Newman
Lefties Soul Connection – Sling Shot Pt. 2
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13 Responses to “Lefties Soul Connection”

  1. Antony :

    I share that same weakness with you, Andrew. Of course, that’s a good thing for sure. This is the first I’ve heard of LSC, and I must say they have definitely piqued my interest. Great post!

  2. javejavor :

    raw funk.killer hammond solos, nice drum breaks, funk “chicken” (tchaka-tchaka) guitar, groovy bass. woauh!! For another very good funk band: Grand Mother´s Funck (www.gmf.ch)

  3. Zac :

    I too suffer from not enough Hammond in my life. Great band!

  4. snow_san :

    fyi only. http://www.juno.co.uk/ppps/products/295904-01.htm

  5. Andy :

    That’s bloody good is what that is

  6. Brent :


  7. Kevin C :

    These guys also remind me of The baldwin brothers


    Only one on youtube had the AMV.

  8. Marcin :

    That’s really goooood shiiittt ;D

  9. Guuzbourg :

    check out their version of DJ Shadow’s Organ Donor, if you;re into Hammmond. It is the bomb!

  10. Guuzbourg :

    see that version of Organ Donor on Youtube: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=gWE1Az_m2t8

  11. Icy_Johnson :

    Hammond put the “Hamm” in hammered!

  12. Miss G :

    We’re excited to be hosting an event with them in Uden NL on Friday Jan 23rd.
    Check out our event page and hope to see you there.

  13. Miss G :