The Apples

funk // turntablism

Armed with two saxophones, trumpet, trombone, drums, bass and turntables, nine Israeli funksters leave unforgettable impression. Keeping the crowd dripping with sweat from non-stop ecstatic dancing and jumping, The Apples mix everything from adrenalized funk to exciting elements of jungle and drum’n’bass, and certain touches of traditional Jewish Klezmer. Packed with funky energy from beginning to end, the instrumental blend of soul-jazz and excellent scratch routines of their album Attention!, sounds spontaneous, adventurous and dangerously addictive.

“Consumption may cause uncontrollable body movements.”
The Apples – Attention!
The Apples – Natri Ba Makom
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8 Responses to “The Apples”

  1. Julija :

    Thanks to dirkhaim, and a few more mp3’s here.

  2. Kevin C :

    Reminds me of the baldwin brothers a little

  3. uriel :

    Really good sound, love it. thank you.

  4. Alex Leonard :

    These guys are great. Thanks for the introduction. I’ll definitely check them out further (shame they’re not on emusic).

  5. Happybutterfly :

    Am loving this introduction to these guys. Nice, and thank you:-)

  6. halnine :

    Guys are indeed great, and their live performance is even better. Be sure to catch their groovy cover of Rage Against The Machine’s “Killing (in the name)” on their MySpace or on Last.FM:

  7. David :

    Thanks for The Apples tip, they have a great sound. You may want to check out DJ Logic as well for another master of the jazz-turntable.

    I invite you to visit my own music blog, The Trane Station( news and insights on improvisational and American roots music. Its everything from bebop to bluegrass although as a jazz aficionado and wannabe musician, the majority of posts reflect on jazz artists, releases and the state of the genre in general.

    Thanks and I look forward to hearing from you


  8. googoodoll :

    I really enjoyed listening to this and plan to purchase Attention as soon as I’m done commenting. —-