Mayra Andrade

cape verdean // worldbeat

She was born in Cuba, grew up between Senegal, Angola, Germany and finally settled down in Cape Verde. You can feel the influence of all these locations her music; a soft and friendly accessibility met by a very developed melodic intellect. In much of her music, she sings in Cape Verdean Creole, which is a derivative of Portuguese. She’s not surprisingly up for Best Newcomer in the BBC Radio 3 World Music Awards. Her song “Lua” is a warm tropical treat; while “Regasu” is a somber ballad in the style of Cuban son Cape Verdean Morna. (Thx, Andre!)

Sweet music from the African Cape’s barefoot diva.
Mayra Andrade – Lua
Mayra Andrade – Regasu
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16 Responses to “Mayra Andrade”

  1. Andre :

    Wow I’m really delighted to see that you published it! :)

    I’ll send you a new one one of these days!

  2. TheOxhorn :

    Mayra’s got a real sultry voice. Her band brings these tracks’ atmosphere to life – and the guitar (lute?) playing on Regasu: stunning, especially the multi-part interlude in the first third.

  3. Andre :

    By the way, the analogy of “Regasu” with a Cuban Son is interesting…
    But I have to say that, myself beeing Portuguese and knowing a bit of Cabo Verde’s music, I’d say this is more like a “Morna” :

  4. DR :

    She’s smoking hot!!

  5. Paul Irish :

    What a rich sound! I think you’re onto something there.

    For everyone,
    Here is Cesaria Evora – Sodade on youtube, a successful hit from the Morna scene.

  6. fresquinha :

    I have to agree with André. Interesting association with Cuba, but no … it’s pure Morna, a Cape Vert type of song, corresponding in many ways to the portuguese fado. Other than that … My grand-mother was born in Cape Vert and I grew up with Mornas and Coladeras (a more cheerful kind of beat). Regards and keep up the good work !

  7. Prasant :

    great find paul!

    looks like most of your readers like the new player. though i didn’t like the player the first few times, i’ve gotten used it. i think the best part of the new player is the fact that I can play all the music on the blog, without having to click the play button for each song. i just click play on the first song and it just plays though the entire blog.

  8. Paul Irish :

    Andre and fresquinha,
    Thanks for the correction. I love hearing from people who know way more about this than I could ever imagine. Thanks for sharing your music with us!

    I’m glad to hear you like it! I like that feature a lot, too. :) Cheers.

  9. googoodoll :

    I’m so glad I listened to Andrade – as a recent fan of world music. —-

  10. DamionKutaeff :

    Hello everybody, my name is Damion, and I’m glad to join your conmunity,
    and wish to assit as far as possible.

  11. Julia :

    Revisiting this post after a year, still love, love it. :) More like this, please.

  12. Claudio :

    Everything about Mayra is beautiful. I’m Angolan and whenever she comes to Luanda she is loved. My favorite song of hers is Lapidu Na Bo.

    Another singer of the same genre and country is Sara Tavares. Check out her song Dam Bo. Bliss.

  13. Pual :

    Lua… inspirational… get me a cup of Cafe conleche e azuka…

  14. Michael Santos :

    More music like this at “Discover the Beauty”

  15. Manu Salahudin Omowali Mateus :

    A concert she is.

  16. Abel Djassi :

    Correction: where it reads, “Her song “Lua” is a warm tropical treat; while “Regasu” is a somber ballad in the style of Cuban son Cape Verdean Morna. (Thx, Andre!)” – actually the song is in the style of a traditional Batuku, a folk music from the Santiago Island’s countryside (and not to morna!)