samba pop // equatorial funk

Mesmerizing the listeners with her vocal qualities and unique style of singing, Nina Miranda has collaborated with a variety of artists and was previously mentioned on Aurgasm for her project Shrift. Being partners in life, as well as music, inspired by the folksy, sexy and funky attitude of the 70’s, Nina and Chris Franck of Smoke City form Zeep. Borrowing some of the breezy Brazilian rhythms, mixing samba percussions and romantic bossa vibes with the gentle folk melodies, the couple records a genuinely diverse and fresh album.

Sublime with the tropical and eclectically swinging sounds.
Zeep – Sem Parar
Zeep – Keep An Eye On Love
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7 Responses to “Zeep”

  1. snow_san :

    enjoyed the shrift album but passed on this. along w/ their myspace, samples on all http://cdbaby.com/cd/zeep

  2. Mark :

    so does this mean Shrift are no more? I sure hope not, their music is, granted, different, but a great deal more sophisticated and moving than this I think

  3. Antanas :

    Puikiai, Julija :) netycia visai uztikau bloga sita, tiesiog super. Dabar kasdiena update’u laukiu :)

  4. Julija :

    Aciu uz komentara. Malonu. :) Thanks ;)

  5. stan :

    guys, I love this blog. So refering my friends to you on my blog. Thanks for all the great music.

  6. googoodoll :

    I too love this blog and have told all my friends. Nina Miranda makes great music. For those who enjoy her music, 2 others you might like are Xavier and Au Revoir Simone. [snip]

  7. Conner :

    Sem Parar is just wonderful, the flutes are so rich