bossa chill // acoustic // atmospheric downtempo

In 1997, Brighton-based duo Smoke City released “Underwater Love”, a Brazilian-flavored trip-hop tune which landed a great number of fans and ended up on over fifty compilations. The dreamy, sweet-tongued voice of vocalist Nina Miranda created the sharp allure and addictive quality of the track. Now, after some collaborations with Bebel Gilberto, Nitin Sawhney, and Da Lata, Nina joins eclectic producer Dennis Wheatley as Shrift. Together they create a seductive sound that transports you halfway between South America and wind-swept fantasy. Off their upcoming album, “Floating City” spins around you in a genre-fusing 6/8 rhythm and “As Far As I Can See” nails beautiful melody with little, deliberate instrumentation.
Effortless artistry from two worldly musicians.

Shrift – Floating City
Shrift – As Far As I Can See
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8 Responses to “Shrift”

  1. Hotty Potty :

    redeemed from the previous post

  2. Kenji :

    really nice sound.

  3. Chris Wilcox :

    light and inobtrusive ; dig it.

  4. runman :

    Chilled acoustic on a butterfly’s wing. Nice.

  5. Anonymous :

    beautiful pieces… but i think the first tune’s a corrupted file (sound dropouts) …shame

  6. heather :

    awesome! thanks paul. I had heard Underwater Love from a mix CD from a pal and really liked it. I am also digging this new sound. THANK YOU as always!

  7. Derek :

    nice post. I’d love to hear Underwater.

  8. Anonymous :

    beautiful sound. its light and easy to listen to. wonderful to listen to after a rough day