Lil Wayne

hip hop // neo-soul remixed

I’ll admit it’s odd for me to be writing on a fairly popular dirty south rap star, but this track “Shooter” has been on solid rotation since I first peeped. The casually dope bassline vibes underneath syncopated soul lyrics from Robin Thicke. Weezy gets in his breathy interjections every couple seconds until he lays into it heavy, nearly 90 seconds after the track starts. Tommy B describes it eloquently, “He’s got an easy drawl on this song, not the playful rasp from the rest of the album but a laid-back, unforced stream-of-consciousness that matches up perfectly with the track’s back-porch sunny-Alabama-afternoon lope.” Thicke’s 2003 soul track “Oh Shooter” bore that addictive lope, only it had Robin’s vocal crooning instead of Lil Wayne’s loose lyrics.
Firey southern rap dropped into a soulful riverboat groove.

Lil Wayne – Shooter
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25 Responses to “Lil Wayne”

  1. Anne :

    I read before I listened and I thought to myself, “I am going to hate this track.” But then I was pleasantly surprised. My ears approved.

    It’s definitely the ‘descending sonar-blips from Gang Starr’s Mass Appeal that do it for me.

  2. Brian J. Hong :

    I like!

  3. Esque :

    Normally, I’m not a very big fan of Lil Wayne’s type of southern sound. I usually prefer my dirty south more of the “dungeon family” variety. But this track is absolutely infectious, after about the 1st minute in you can’t stop nodding your head to it.

  4. da_boy_olin_baby :

    yall feel me man ………….look lil wayne is my dawg he always been a fool and i knew he was gonna come out with that fire s#!* yah heard me

  5. G147 :

    Around that minute mark those keys sound very Gangstarr-ish

  6. M_O_B_03 :

    my guy lil wayne got dis thang rapped up he cant be beat hes da best that ever did da damn job he basically creates the word rap n my eyes he jus filthy(das some of dat washington slang ya dig)

  7. Anonymous :

    Lil wayne represents the dirty once again with a hit!!

  8. Anonymous :

    all of lil wayne`s music is good i love him and this song is the best

  9. Anonymous :

    Lil wayne does it again he has a really good album and this song is one of the best songs ever!

  10. Anonymous :

    I knew this song before lil’wayne was on it, and it was already a great song with just Robin Thicke on it but I think lil’wayne actually did a great job

  11. Weezy Babe#1 :


    Lil wayne he got everything a girl needs when you read lil wayne holla at me?

  12. weezybabe#1 :

    Hey weezy be mine a lil wayne he got a voice of a fine nigga he fine his self to set it straight wit out lil wayne and the rest of the click their would not be a BABY.

  13. Anonymous :

    man what da lick read weezy baby please say da baby man peep game i love all yo music i been on you 4rm day 1 when u first came out i dont want u to think im stalkin u but man i think u is so fine i go to all yo concerts and every time u in somebody club i make sure i be there i missed one of them and thats when u were just down here in 112 i couldnt find my I.D no where i boo-hoo cryed 4-2 dayz straight i dont play well n-e-ways just keep doing what u doing and like u tell des niggas get yo game up and hustle harder

  14. lil fonze :

    I need a deal, your the best rapper alive. [2772 north 38 street, Milwaukee,WI] [414] 871-9385

  15. Anonymous :

    my nigga weezybaby is fresh

  16. Mrs.Carter :

    Brownsugar said…

    Lil-wayne always do it big on every cd.He’s the best rapper alive.I’m his #1 fan.

  17. Mrs.Carter :

    Brown Sugar said…

    He’s sexy and he’s someone a girl wants and want to look at all night. Come holla at ma ya #1 hotgirl 4 life.

  18. Anonymous :

    what up my nigga

  19. tressa :

    wuz up my homie d-dog

  20. tressa :

    oh my god im talking to lil wayne

  21. miranda :

    hey u r the awesomist person ever u rock

  22. tressa :

    wuz up why arent u talking to me. me and my friends r weighting for u to replie

  23. tressa :

    wuz up we vr weighting for u to repy to uor messages my homi d-dog up in the hood

  24. tressa :

    homie d-dog is it all good up in your hood

  25. Paul Irish :