Windy & Destiny

indie-pop // psychedelic

Working in a minimalist apartment studio in Tel Aviv, Windy & Destiny present the psyche-reflecting soundtrack of their lives. The gentle pulsations, guitar waves and warm female vocals of their debut album evolve like an ever-changing mini-psychedelic experience, transforming into a rhythmic and relaxing musical structure. At times more uptempo and catchy, and at times tenderly melancholic with a shoegaze vibe, Words For Such A Riot (2007) is somewhere between adorably sweet and slightly menacing.

Dreamy notes and darker hints.
Windy & Destiny – In Another Day
Windy & Destiny – A House For You
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2 Responses to “Windy & Destiny”

  1. Julija :

    I’d like to note it grew on me over repeated listens. I’d also love to share the link to a lovely post on Windy & Destiny by dirkhaim.

  2. Alan :

    I love In Another Day. Perfect for lazy hot weekend afternoons like we have now in the Philippines