norwegian composer // post-rock

Although I was introduced to the non-traditional, experimental musical approach of John Erik Kaada quite a while ago and his name was previously mentioned on Aurgasm, only now his music caught up with me. Writing a soundtrack to an imaginary film, Norwegian sound artist Kaada showcases his skills in composing haunting musical pieces made of tender melodies and wonderful textures. His entire orchestra of dramatic strings, piano, glockenspiel, glass harmonica and achingly soaring wordless chants create something strongly evocative and atmospheric.

Filled with an indescribable longing, instilling some sort of yearning.

Kaada – Smiger
Kaada – From Here On It Got Rough
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10 Responses to “Kaada”

  1. Jspark :

    In Virginia there is a man who street performs with glass. He was telling me about the dangers of the glass harmonica, vertigo etc. He believed that the instrument damaged the inner ear. The experience left me with a very apprehensive feeling toward the instrument. I hope Kaada is careful.

  2. Eric Camilleri :

    Love the two songs on this site. All you need now is the voice of Tom Waits wailing over them. Cheers.

  3. Orouni :

    This is wonderful, thank you Julija

  4. stonetatara :

    Nice stuff.
    This looks like a mix between Dany Elfman & Yann Tiersen.
    A Tim Burton mood.
    Thank for this.

  5. murdermystery :

    New to this site but loving it so much! From Here On It Got Rough reminded me of Daniel Licht (the guy who did the Dexter soundtrack), and agreed, Tom Waits would make this fantastic.

  6. arie :

    i’ve listen the song, i think it’s so cool, so warm, beautiful and make me relax. fantastic

  7. Icy_Johnson :

    Do you love haunting music, Paul? I am seeing a trend! Kaada can score my uplifting horror film any day!

  8. P Kayne :

    Kaada’s brilliant. I just came across his music today after I stumbled upon the review for “Music for Moviebikers”. So I went right ahead and got a few songs from iTunes. At this point, I am definitely going to get the album. I am already in love with Hardangervidda/ O Horten’s theme from the O Horten soundtrack.

  9. stefano :

    the new kaada album can be heard at http://www.kaada.no

    JUNKYARD NOSTALGIAS- is scheduled to be released on Feb 23th

  10. Paul :

    These are tracks from Coraline right?…. interestingly dark.