Mechanical Bride

british folk

You might not have heard of oddly named Mechanical Bride, a.k.a. Lauren Doss, a young folk songstress from Brighton, but there’s a pretty big chance her song “Umbrella” will sound familiar. Mechanical Brides’ radical rework of Rihanna’s R&B styled “Umbrella” renders the ubiquitous hit into a beautiful folk ballad. Slowing the tempo down and adding a slightly eerie feeling to it, Mechanical Bride bewitches with gentle piano refrains, tender voice and haunting whispers, not only making it a highly successful cover, but giving it a whole new meaning.

Unexpectedly original interpretation.
Mechanical Bride – Umbrella
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19 Responses to “Mechanical Bride”

  1. Noah :

    This is awfully nice. Doss has a great torch singer voice.

  2. kenji :

    simply fantastic.

  3. sunshine :


  4. Alex :

    I love this site. Thanks for all the great music you refer! Simply amazing. Such a breath of fresh air.

  5. donna :

    umbrella has to be one of the most covered songs of the past year. this version isn’t bad at all, though.

    i’ve been visiting 3hive for years, and i just recently found aurgasm through their links page. wish i had discovered it sooner. awesome site!

    (and yey for boston, i live there too)

  6. Kyle :


  7. Icy_Johnson :

    This caught me off guard. I didn’t read the bio before listening; great version! Reminds me of Little Dragon.

  8. hannah :

    this song is amazingggg.
    i love it.

  9. David :

    Ohhh… I like this cover, nice find yet again!

    – David

  10. Uli :

    Really beautiful! Best one of all the covers I heard until. So much changed, so much shifted to the good side, but then she doesn’t have the guts to leave this killing ella-ella-ey-ey crap outside?

  11. kyle :


  12. Basement Maxxx :

    breathtaking version. thanks a lot.

  13. Elendil :

    The woman has a marvellous voice, indeed… But Umbrella? What a shame! Another song would have suited her better… her voice does give some depth to the song, but it is still not at all good… She can do wonders with other songs. Great potential, and great talent!!

  14. Alan :

    Superb! The way she transformed this song into something ethereal and dreamy is genius!

  15. priya :

    wow, it’s beautiful…

  16. Fibonacci :

    I love it. Thanks for posting. =)

  17. Gribel :

    I couldnt find this song on itunes :(

  18. ida :

    “Umbrella” is rubbish. It made me mad in 2007 when I was working at a factory in Brighton, and the local radio rummaged it every damned hour. Grrrrrhhhhhhhhh…..

  19. Conner :

    this is so gorgeous, thanks for the post!