Label Spotlight: Exponential Records

idm // trip-hop

Sampling the catalogue of Texas-based Exponential Records reminds me of savory Ninja Tune, Chocolate Industries, M3rck, and Eastern Developments labels. Started by Ernest Gonzales in 2000, he aimed to establish an art-and-music collaboration; hosting shows where both coincide. Every artist has a unique, well-developed style; backgrounds range from globe-traveling DJs, graffiti artists to designers, heavy thinkers, phreakers and family men. The beats initially drew me in, yet I surprisingly enjoyed the 8-bit Caviar of a genre which usually entices me less than Gyromite. Further exciting that vein is the repose melody of a Lullaby EP crafted for Ernest’s newborn baby to fall asleep to.

Deep-fried and delicious!
A.M. Architect – Unspoken
Ernest Gonzales – Caviar, Cigarettes, Dynamite, & Laserbeams
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5 Responses to “Label Spotlight: Exponential Records”

  1. Icy_Johnson :

    Haunting, yet delicious! I just discovered this site today, and I already love it! More, MOre, MORe, MORE!

  2. Kevin C :

    Fantastic, I love it! 8 bit, cool, soothing, shit, I can go on! I kinda wish there was a list of people, I’ve been here since the beginning of november, micky Green!

  3. Kevin C :

    Architects unspoken is good, but theory sucked. Actually, I take it back, his lullaby tracks were fucking awsome, his edo song sucked though.

  4. DK :

    dear aurgasm, i’m sending some love from here in ASIA! from the Philippines (represent!) and must I say I enjoy your site, for all the music I discover. Here in our country we’re confined to billboard pop, and must I say your site has made me discover a lot, and has helped in the [i]enrichment[/i] of my musical schema! yey!

  5. Alan :

    I’m from the Philippines too! Must agree with DK that if not for music blogs like Aurgasm, I’d go insane with the same old bubble gum manufactured pop. (Not that I dislike all mainstream music.) I’ve been visiting this site for a year now, and I must give props to Paul and his wonderful team for giving us the opportunity to revel in the majesty of genuine musical artistry! Viva la vie Aurgasm!