Kat Flint

folk // singer-songwriter

With her little piano-folk melodies, gently played acoustic guitars and well thought out lyrics, Scottish songstress Kat Flint embodies the essential aspects of contemporary folk music. The lyrical notes, vibrant freshness and catchy multi-layered vocal lines of “Go Stripes Faster” instantly captured my heart, while addictive hand-claps and kazoo-playing of “Anticlimax” showcase the quirkier side of her songwriting skills. Stylistically comparable to numerous folk-oriented artists, Kat brings emotion and a distinctive quality to every song she crafts.

A promising talent to the newly flourishing British folk scene.
Kat Flint – Go Faster Stripes
Kat Flint – Anticlimax
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11 Responses to “Kat Flint”

  1. Mowgli :

    I like that music really much.It opens my heart :)

  2. Raf :

    Anticlimax is superb – I can’t stop listening to it! Another fantastic find!

  3. Viviane :

    Her voice is really intruiging. And the new player widget you installed makes it very efficient to listen to all the tracks on the home page. Well done.

  4. Cord :

    Thank you very much Julija – never heard from Kat Flint before – now I can’t await the release in Germany.

  5. Javs :

    I bought the Secret Boy’s Club EP immediately after hearing these samples.

  6. Alan :

    Another great discovery! Sounds like folksy Tori Amos on Prozac, so sunny yet still dreamy. Thank you very much Julija!

  7. james :

    have the special edition of her album and it’s amazing. good find!

  8. Saso :

    It is unusually sunny and hot day for the beginning of March here in Skopje, Macedonia. This afternoon while laying in the sun I’ve discovered Kat Flint, enjoying her music and enjoying the spring. Julia, I think I’ve become addicted! There is no escape from this beauty.

  9. piemaker :

    anticlimax is so amazing. i can’t stop listening to it. for over a months now ^^

  10. Paul :

    This proves that simplicity is listenable. I enjoy the moving vocal lines, as I do Ian Anderson Scottish links. Thanks for the work… try booking with Jethro Tull…. or Ians next acoustic trip.

  11. Meo Senturc :

    I found “Anticlimax” this morning while going for work, then have listened this hugeeee song for so many times. that songs is soo alive thank you for sharing such great songs