Nathan Larson

film music // melodic contemporary

First, watch:

While this video made the rounds late last year, the song stuck with me ever since. After some sleuthing (thx, brandon!), we know know that Mr. Nathan Larson is responsible for the delightful audio (and lernert for the video). He composed it originally for the 2004 film Palindromes by indie fave Todd Solondz. Inside the song, a lonely piano plays a somber waltz whilst a desperate female voice offers a most beautiful melody.

Lyrics that belie their melody’s beauty.
Nathan Larson – Aviva Pastoral

8 Responses to “Nathan Larson”

  1. Derek :

    Lovely, haunting, sweet.

    It lingers with the aftertaste of life’s events.

  2. Shawn :

    Yeah Derek, a lot like your mom.

    Note from Editor:
    shawnsalat.PNGDear Shawn, you seem like a nice young man. Thanks for sharing your email when you posted this comment. Your taste in graphic art is mediocre, while your music taste.. well I must say I’m a fan.
    But I wouldn’t consider random yourmom assults on other aurgasm commenters within the bounds of what’s appreciated here.
    Mostly cuz it’s not funny. Naturally it’d be okay if it was.

    your mom,

  3. David :

    Nathan is married to Nina Persson whose lent her beautiful melodic voice to the song Appalachian Lullaby on Shudder to Think’s album, First Live, Last Rites (music from the motion picture). Shudder to Think is Nathan’s former band (rumors they might get back together soon!) so there is a good chance that voice is Nina.

  4. Simon :

    Yeah, this is definitely Nina singing. I think she’s also (along with Nathan of course) credited in the Palindromes closing credits.

  5. Miguel :

    You can be assured that the inspiration for the song came from “Rosemary’s Baby’s” theme, especially considering Palindromes subject matter.

  6. Marie :

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  7. hannelore :

    hi, i’m searching for the soundtrack of palindromes?
    if someone knows where i could find it , plzz contact me , thanks …

  8. Sara Marion :

    Melodic, in three bars. I wonder if Mr. Larson would like to cut my tree down or leave it as a flame?…Not Italian, but American, I think he is my favorite composer today.