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Aurgasm’s taking an Eastern European vacation

Saturday, June 20th, 2009 by Paul Irish

I’m heading with Aurgasm friend, Adam, to Europe for three weeks in July.

Right after we land, we’re hitting up the Dour Festival in Belgium.

Totally psyched about this. We plan to bring you the same sort of broad coverage that we did for SXSW. Go check their lineup and yell at us if there’s anyone there we need to see.

We got our train passes

After the festival, we’re planning on meeting up with my brother in Stuttgart and taking the train around quite a bit. Right now we’re planning on hitting Amsterdam, Stuttgart, Prague, Olomouc, Krakow and Budapest. And then maybe Zagreb or Rijeka, Croatia, or Cluj, Romania, or somewhere else?

If anyone has suggestions for what to do or see, or any nearby cities, please leave a comment. (I might email you back) If you live in one of these spots, I’d love your perspective and we should definitely meet up for a drink!

Can I get some music, please?

Why, certainly :) Dub FX, is a beatbox artist who street performs all over Europe. Watching him construct one of his multilayered compositions is impressive—he throws some pitch-shifted bass underneath ethereal treble highlights and solid hip-hop vocals:

Redesign: Aurgasm’s so fresh

Tuesday, January 13th, 2009 by Paul Irish


Four and a half years after its inception, Aurgasm is now sporting some new looks. I worked together with designer Tom Kershaw to craft a more engaging, more rich, and more 2009 look. Larger imagery, a fresh identity, and enhanced visual clarity join the usable music listening experience you’ve gotten used to.

This redesign is a gift from us at Aurgasm to you, our faithful readers. We truly enjoy sharing music with you. We hope you like the design. I’m still ironing out some bugs, but please leave a comment if you see something out of sorts.


News: New music player

Monday, January 14th, 2008 by Paul Irish

As far as I know, Aurgasm was the first mp3 blog to introduce an mp3 player embedded on the site. Not trying to brag, just providing a little history. But now, after a few years and much thought, we’ve switched over to a new player, the Yahoo Media Player.

This new player has a playlist, floats along the page as you move, and has a bit more functionality than the old ‘n busted play button. Click around!

This little button: will appear to the left of all mp3s on the site. Click to immediately play that track.

Yahoo will be improving the experience based on your feedback, so let’s hear it! Leave a comment why you like it, why you hate it, wish it would do ___, or anything. Thanks!

Update (2008.07.24): I’ve updated to the newest version of the player.

Aurgasm named one of PC Magazine’s Top 100 Favorite Blogs

Thursday, October 25th, 2007 by Paul Irish

A PC Magazine Favorite BlogThis tidbit of news rolled in last week, so let me first say Welcome to the new readers!

And even better, they might actually consider Aurgasm in the Top 10, along with classy joints like Apartment Therapy, ArsTechnica, and BoingBoing. But probably definitely it’s just an alphabetical listing. ;-) But still, we’re honored.

And thank you to all of Aurgasm’s faithful. You guys keep this ship asail!

Copyright Conflict: The Aftermath

Monday, November 20th, 2006 by Paul Irish

Three weeks ago, I fired off an email to the IFPI, who had ordered a DMCA takedown notice for the entirety of Aurgasm’s music.

Through some back-n-forth, I was informed that the IFPI’s complaint was only addressing three songs, not all of the music. (In particular, they didn’t like the An Pierlé and the Lily Allen music being shared.) I decided to seek permission for those two artists with which I could then file a counter-notification back at the IFPI. I tried getting in touch with An Pierlé’s management at PIAS/Helicopter, but a response never came from the contact points I found. Lily’s representation proved a little more accessible. Although they did give me permission; it was granted reluctantly and only for a week’s time.

Now, since the complaint was regarding three songs, I could reinstate the rest of the music archive. For now, I’m going to hold off on that and continue to post music we have explicit permission to share. I’m going to be making a few upgrades to Aurgasm quite soon that will improve the whole experience for music fans and copyright holders. Stay tuned.

In Other News

I’ve learned that Aurgasm got a shout-out in Britain’s National Newspaper of the Year, The Guardian. We were mentioned in the sidebar about soul music blogs in The Guardian Guide this last Saturday, Nov 19. It’s not online and my local libraries don’t have it, so if any of my British brethren can hook me up with a scan of it, I’d be most appreciative.

Update! Updates!

(11/22) My good man Duncan hooked me up with a scan of the pages. (Thank you!) Check em out:

(11/27) …and we just got in a scan of Southwest Airline’s in-flight magazine Spirits, who ran an article on mp3 blogs. Aurgasm and a few of my excellent brothers were included:

Read this part

You can download most music on aurgasm – right-click the song names and select Save Target As. These files will be removed at some indefinite point.

All files on aurgasm are online with permission of the copyright holder.

This music is here for evaluation purposes ONLY.

That's what I want you to do: eval-u-ate: try on this music for size, see if it fits you. If you enjoy it, learn more. Explore the artist, delve into the genre.

Take an active approach in finding music you love. Only you can find what you love. Immerse yourself in it. Buy the CD. Go to the show and meet your favorite artist afterwards. Tell them their music changed you. Support the artists whose work you adore.

Be passionate about music.


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