Special: Aurgasm in The Boston Globe

Biggups to Siddhartha Mitter, who wrote an impressive piece on audioblogging, published today in The Boston Globe. O-Dub at Soul Sides, fellow Bostonian Lee at The Number One Songs In Heaven, and Christopher at The Suburbs are Killing Us are all featured in the article.


“Listen. And Learn.” on Boston.com

13 Responses to “Special: Aurgasm in The Boston Globe”

  1. Anonymous :

    This is how I read about the site. And I’m very glad I did, I’m already finding a ton of music I like

  2. Gina :

    Nice feature! I caught you in the paper this morning mere weeks after discovering your blog. Keep it up.

  3. Stephen Swartz :

    Congratulations, Paul.

  4. Skoodog :

    I”m proud to say that I knew paul when he was a pirate…arrrrrrr

  5. Jeffrey Siegel :

    Imagine – one ofour own wiht rock star status! LOL Congrats on the press!

  6. Tony Harris :

    Nice going Paul! Good piece. Congrats on the amazing press lately.

  7. Anonymous :

    Congratulations, Paul.


  8. jam :

    congrats on the attention.
    don’t go changing, now….

    that photo makes it look like your website is housed in your torso – which is pretty cool.

  9. Raymond Tomlin :


    A great site. Glad I discovered you through the Globe article. Have returned again and again.

    Even posted a link to your site on VanRamblings.

  10. Anonymous :

    Congrats Paul! Nice coverage and it couldn’t have happened to a nicer Blogger. Jason (Once upon a time Blogalive)

  11. Paul Irish :

    Thanks for coming by Jason. We miss you around these parts.

  12. Anthony :

    Wow, a well written article too.

    Kickass, Paul!

  13. Danielle Risley :

    yea Paul!