The Klazz Brothers & Cuba Percussion

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Three talented German jazz musicians were on tour in Cuba with the Dresden Philharmonic, when they fell in love with the Cuban music. A casual meeting with Compay Segundo led them to two talented Cuban percussions. The group then spontaneously ignited up a fiery session of cross-cultural musical intercourse. It was in this sudden compatiblity when the Klazz Brothers realized how perfect Cuban music complemented the classical pieces they knew so well. The result was their debut CD, Classic Meets Cuba, reinterpreting the masterpieces of composers like Mozart, Brahams, and Bizet into boiling Cuban rhythms.
Beethoven by way of Buena Vista.

The Klazz Brothers – Salsa No. V (Beethoven’s Fifth)
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5 Responses to “The Klazz Brothers & Cuba Percussion”

  1. Anonymous :

    Sorry guys, I love cuban music, i enjoy classic and i appreciate some standarts played in salsa but that does not cut it. I doubt real classic lovers will find some substance either. Let me recommend rather Bebo and Cigala or when a flamenco singer meets an old cuban pianist and revisit the great classics of spanish repertory. A gem!!

  2. Paul Irish :

    All is good. You know, I doubt real classical lovers will find it particularly enthralling either, it’s just a clever take on something we know too well.
    Speaking of flamenco, I just got my hands on Vicente Amigo’s newest record. It might make its way on here.
    I’ll check up on Bebo y Cigala. Thanks for the tip! :-]

  3. Anonymous :

    Different. Accomplished. I like it.

  4. L. :

    I’ve listened to this piece more times than I’d like to admit. It feels like a filthy appreciation that I should be embarrassed about… regardless, I love it. Thanks for the post!

  5. spyboy :

    I grew up with Larry Harlow. We went to Brooklyn College were I started playing timbales for his first sextet. I played and contracted for Chico O Farrell when he did jingle work in New York. I LOVE Latin music and I am a purist having been mentored by Santeria congitos such as Julito Collazo of Mongo Santamaria’s band. I think this cut is fantastic! I will buy the CD for sure.
    Check me out at Hellhounds and Holyghosts
    I intend to link you up my man.