We’ll be right back after this unscheduled service outage…

We have received a formal DMCA (Digital Millennium Copyright Act) notice
regarding allegedly infringing content hosted on your site. The specific
items in question are as follows:


The party making the complaint (International Federation of the
Phonographic Industry), claims under penalty of perjury to be or
represent the copyright owner of these works. Pursuant to 17 U.S.C. §
512(c), we have removed access to the files in question.

34 Responses to “We’ll be right back after this unscheduled service outage…”

  1. Anonymous :


  2. Anonymous :


  3. Anonymous :

    No. They can’t do this to the best site on the web. :(

  4. Paul Irish :

    Since the IFPI “claims under penalty of perjury to be or represent the copyright owner of these works”… I can’t say they have a case since they definitely do not represent all the artists featured on aurgasm…
    You can expect a bit of a fight on this one.

  5. Jonathan :

    In the absence of access to http://aurgasm.us/tracks/, the latest Koop album can be listened to at K7’s homepage.

    I’m not a fan of their website in terms of accesibility, but overall K7 is a great label and attempts to treat the customer right. Here’s an article about the label’s view on music sharing. I think they’d support you.

    At any rate, thanks for all the heads up to good artists that you’ve done.

    -A music purchaser (although some companies make my life harder than others)

  6. guerom00 :

    Don’t they have anything better to do”¦

    Hope you’ll be back soon”¦ Great site !

  7. Anonymous :

    Hey man, I’m having listening to some of the songs on your site. I think somethings wrong.

  8. EJ :

    Contest it, Paul. I had the same thing happen with a Futureheads track I posted, and I went right through the process of fighting this and I prevailed. They try to bully you, but if you have permission to post something and you get a DMCA letter, then they are actually in violation of your rights.

    Trust me on this one, I got yr back.

  9. Moka :

    we will fight for sure. This site promotes good and decent music. I’d say fight back or ignore their ramblings and keep posting as if nothing was happening. Change hosting service. Fuck, I’ll let you host with me but our service is changing everything and we’re having many problems but wait and I’ll help you.

  10. Anonymous :

    Put up a fight!…this is def one of the better music sites i’ve been able to find. good luck!

  11. Anonymous :

    A perfect example of the expression “biting the hand that feeds it”. I have bought plenty of CDs by artists I heard here for the first time.

  12. anthony :

    aurgasm gets me laid. is that permissable in court?

  13. MJ :

    Oh, no… Come on!

    They wouldn’t recognize a music-lover that buys CDs of the music he likes if he spit them in the face.

  14. Mungobeanie :

    Ironic, isn’t it?
    The businessmen actually preventing future business by pretending to promote business by butting in on someone else’s business.

    Paul, you’ve been served with a lump of caca. This is a sign from the universe that there are those who cite legislation with little knowledge as to how to actually use it, that require it more than you.

    All hail the Esteemed Caca Thrower. We musiclovers unite behind you in assisting your mighty hand.


  15. Micha :

    I dislike it really. Some of the artists featured here sometimes get bought when I like them. Sometimes I find new music, sometimes I get remembered to a great artists I almost forgot.

    Come one fight back. Do it for the music.

  16. Anonymous :

    No, no no. They can’t do this.

    Fight back. Please.

  17. Roland :

    This is just another example of the industry being enormously narrow-minded, looking at their bottom line and dismissing the benefits of exposure. Singling out Aurgasm because it’s such a good site is really silly. Definitely fight this and keep the blog going!

  18. Anonymous :

    No Way !!! I’ve just discovered the site about a week ago and went on to buy Fat Freddy’s Drop, Fink and Jehro, since then.
    Thanks to aurgasm.
    These guys sucks.
    by the way you should try: Ayo, EST, Anouar Brahem…

  19. Monica :

    This sucks. If it weren’t for aurgasm I wouldn’t have known about Bitter:Sweet, and I plan on getting their album. I haven’t bought it because I am hoping someone else buys it for me!

  20. Jeremy :

    I’ve put several of these CDs on my “To Buy” list, and I love gettting exposed to new artists I would have never heard of otherwise. I can’t believe they’d make that big a deal of it…you even have a link to buy the CD on every post!

  21. surfer rosa :

    No lo puedo creer!! I cant believe it!! quiero llorar!! I want to cry!! the best site ever!!!

  22. Anonymous :

    aurgasm is a great blog! corrine bailey ray was a complete unknown to many music fans and bloggers but then paul did a write up about her and he got so many positive feedback comments about her. she started showing up all over the blogs. now she’s a huge star. this really sucks.

  23. Anonymous :

    This is incrediable! Don’t give up Paul! we love your stuff! Without aurgasm the internet would be a sad sad place :(

  24. Anonymous :

    Is this where I can get some sweet “torrent” music?


  25. siebe :

    Everything has been said in previous posts: it is sick – not even ironic – that music lovers and cd-buyers like us are being punished in this way. It proves again there’s something totally wrong with the copyright industry in this digital, post-media era. Is it time to get organized?

  26. Buddy Belcher :

    I would like to include that I’ve bought lots of music because of this site, most of whom I definitely would not have known otherwise.
    Somebody made money because of you. They should be patting your back not stabbing it.

  27. Gabriel :

    Why??? this is excellent site 4 promote and spread music. I knew a lot of artist here. They’re mistaken. Gabriel from Argentina

  28. Anonymous :

    I bought the Birdy Nam Nam’s and Anja Garbarek’s albums. I dont believe what actually happening to this Great site :(

  29. nick :

    I got a Roisin Murphy CD, an Imogen Heap, a Psapp, and 2 Porcupine Trees to show for my readership here. That’s over half my record-buying in the past year!

  30. playpause :

    They’re fighting the wrong people. We all know that. Money driven action. Where is the sake of art & music ?

  31. Anonymous :

    with ur blog i bought lily allen jehro, anja etc. there’s no words 4 dis stupidity..its just sad…

  32. Rajmohan :

    Who wants to kill our music cerebrum! Find something better to do and leave this site alone. Aurgasm Aurgasm!

  33. sklep wedkarski :

    Cool site, i will come back here, regards

  34. teksty z linkiem :

    Interesting website, i have bookmarked your site for future referrence :)