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I came home from work grumpy and needed something upbeat. A track I couldn’t ignore. A clever hook I couldn’t help but smile at. Some percussion to make me nod my head and tap my fingers. I found exactly what I needed in Koop’s “Come to Me”. Horns. Cymbals. Hand claps. Classy, seductive vocals. It’s really just jazz, but it’s smooth and clean. When you tire of the syrupy sweetness, “Drum Rhythm A” is a crisp palate cleanser. Both these tracks glide off the new release Koop Islands.

Classic, classy, comfortable.
Koop – Come To Me
Koop – Drum Rhythm A
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11 Responses to “Koop”

  1. Paul Irish :

    If these tracks suit your style, definitely seek out Koop’s release: Waltz For Koop. It’s on my all-time top 25.

  2. Ben o' California :

    I don’t really know anything about these guys, but I know a good beat when I hear one.

    I’ll check out the CD!

  3. Baby :

    I know a hot track when I hear it. This is a style that I have virtually no familiarity with, so thank you for the find and the tunes.

    cheers, baby

  4. Paul Irish :

    baby, please cease posting your URL in you comments or i will delete them.

  5. Adski :

    Another sweet release from K7 !

  6. Alex :

    I’ve been waiting years for this to come out. Thanks for covering it – I would have never known!

  7. Anonymous :

    I dig it. But I really can’t get past the sound of that high hat in Drum Rhythm A. It introduces the sound of $15 keyboard drum track to an otherwise clean, smooth sound.
    I’m going to sample some others from Koop, however. Thanks for the recommendations.

  8. Nick :

    I don’t know if Joe’s talking about the same thing, but there’s a sound that comes in around about once a minute and sounds like bad file compression at first and makes you stick around to see if your ears deceive you. Real creative.

  9. Matt :

    Sweet and sickly… yet somehow I like it…

    Such is music.

    By the way, thanks for the “Filter” link. I’m trying it out- it’s pretty good.

  10. Anonymous :

    Cant download it!

  11. loops :

    Waltz for Koop is an awesome album.