Gabriel Rios

acoustic pop // turin brakes-ish

Master Rios was born in Puerto Rico but left at eighteen for Belgium in a search to find his passion. In his travels he ran into Jo Bogaert, whom you might know as Technotronic, renowned for the dance hit, Pump Up The Jam. The two collaborated and developed Gabe’s first solo album Ghostboy. I found his single “Broad Daylight” on the Nova Tunes 1.4 compilation (The whole Nova Tunes series is primo). In the track, Rios mixes clean vocals against clever production, creating a surprising presentation of the melody.

Atypical innovation in typical music.
Gabriel Rios – Broad Daylight
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9 Responses to “Gabriel Rios”

  1. Herman :

    I am from Holland, where the song Broad Daylight has become famous by a commercial.
    He also has a great version of the Monkey Song from Jungle Book: ‘I wanna be like you’.

  2. Mark :

    Oh, that’s great — thanks for posting it!

  3. Valdes :

    Very unique intro… caught my interest very quickly.

    Solid song, great production.

  4. MJ :

    Wow, lovely! I love the instrumentation, the rhythm and the use of the children’s voices.

    I listened to it on the Nova Tunes connection alone. When I lived in Paris, Radio Nova was one of my favourite radio stations.

  5. Vijchti :

    Wonderful, wonderful song. I’d like to kill those children though…

  6. CQ :

    Nice song, I love the Turin Brakes and agree with the connection, thanks

  7. Mr Djé :

    Discovered too on Radio Nova ;)

    Nova compilations are greats, named Nova Tunes, wonderful to discover great artists!

    You have to listen french artist Emilie Simon, french electro, she make a new version of “i wanna be your dog” on her old album, really great ;)
    You can listen it

    CocoRosie is a NYC band, two sisters and a must-have…

    And Wax Tailor, a french alternative hip-hop band, is going to be famous…

    Hope they will be reviewed ;)

  8. playpause :

    Great songs, great voice. Gabriel Rios is one my favourite discovers from the past year. The live album is really good stuff.

  9. Soto :

    The intro is a sample from Ruben Blades’ salsa song, “Chica Plastica”…just thought I’d point that out!