intimate pop-rock // folk // chanson

Mansfield.TYA is a duo of musicians Julia Lanoë (voice, guitar, piano) and Carla Pallone (violin, piano, harmonium, voice) from Nantes, France. The duo was seen and noticed for its intimate, beautifully tensed music at the openings of such artists as Cat Power, Erik Truffaz, Camille, Elysian Fields, Cocorosie and others. Their album June (2005) is a magnificent combination of dark and sombre yet beautiful ballads with folk elements enveloped in a romantic and melancholic atmosphere. The raw and sincere vocals and instrumentation are comparable to the fine collaboration of Shannon Wright and Amélie composer Yann Tiersen. Or to quote one of the reviews it is une possible réponse française aux Cocorosie.

So fragile and très triste.
Mansfield.Tya – Mon Amoureuse
Mansfield.Tya – Pour Oublier Je Dors
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8 Responses to “Mansfield.TYA”

  1. Simon :

    The links aren’t working. Seems the .mp3 ending has been confused with .TYA or something…

    Mansfield.Tya – Mon Amoureuse
    Mansfield.Tya – Pour Oublier Je Dors

  2. Paul Irish :

    thanks for calling that out. all fixed now.

  3. Baby :

    Thanks for fixing it. Certainly worth the wait to enjoy the lovely sounds.

    cheers, baby

  4. Eli :

    that’s amazing!

  5. jenner :

    very very pretty, thanks for letting me know about them! :)

  6. Sammie :

    SWEET! Do they have more than one album??? Love their sound. Moved me.

  7. Julija :

    So far they have released one album and 4 tracks promo cd “May”.

  8. ChristopherA :

    Hmm, the links do not seem to work, nor the links in the comments.