Thanks everyone!

Friends, it’s been a while. Aurgasm launched in 2004 and soon after was one of the top 50 music blogs online, with thousands of music lovers visiting daily.

But things change. The posts have slowed down. And over the past 4 months, most posts were totally missing. (Sorry about that, but I’ve now painstakingly restored as much as I could!)

We don’t plan to post new artists, but the site will stay online for you.

Also, if you’d enjoy a more varied tour on the past 14 years of Aurgasm, you can now poke through the archive in random order:


Hugs and hearts to all the Aurgasm fans out there. 💖

8 Responses to “Thanks everyone!”

  1. vimal :

    Was hoping for a fresh post… Any chance you could become an active Spotify user and people could follow you there?

  2. Carlos :

    Thanks for so much!

  3. Steve :

    I’ve missed your postings and enjoy all the work you did. Thanks to you, I discovered a lot of great new artists. So long and thanks for all the fish!

  4. Porsupah :

    I miss seeing Aurgasm in my RSS feed – even if the track wasn’t something that appealed, I’d enjoy simply reading about it. Notwithstanding, I’m enjoying CHIRP Radio these days, based out of Chicago – I’ve encountered a fair few artists new to me courtesy of the DJs there.

  5. Aryel :

    So long, and thanks for all the fish!

    I second the idea of a Spotify user/playlist! Should be much easier to share some gems and keep the community together :)

  6. Gabrielle :

    Seeing this makes me so happy! Glad I reached out to you, Paul. Definitely overjoyed to see it revived. THANK YOU!!

  7. JX :

    Thanks so much for all these great music! Good luck with everything for you guys.

  8. mike :

    I too enjoyed the discovery over the years. Some I liked and some I didn’t and that is how it should be.