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The Matinee Orchestra

Thursday, August 2nd, 2007 by Julija

laptop folk // avant-pop

Reminding us of simple joys, refreshing as summertime lemonade flavour, The Matinee Orchestra brings a lot more loveliness than one could expect from so called laptop music. From ice-cold tender textures of Múm to the quirky playfulness of CocoRosie and the innocence of Psapp’s toys’ recordings, rich electronic sounds and instrumentation of harmonica, violins, glockenspiel, warm and relaxed guitar tones weave into the softest sound. Genuinely tranquil and warming, they are taking you on a magic journey through the day.

Soundtrack for daydreaming.
The Matinee Orchestra – Run For Cover (It’s Going To Rain)
The Matinee Orchestra – Imagination Of A Watermelon
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Bjørn Torske

Wednesday, August 1st, 2007 by Anne Cloudman

coastal dub // norwegian electronica

Given that he hails from a country where the sun barely sets during the summer months, it’s not hard to understand how Norwegian producer and artist Bjørn Torske was able to create Feil Knapp, an engaging collection of blissful summer electronica. “Møljekalas” dabbles in bright island-esque percussion over an underbelly of melodic synthesized beats. “Hatten Passer” is more true to Torske’s DJ background: a deep pulsating bass line laced with dubby twists and playful whistling.

An album without an ounce of angst.
Bjørn Torske – Moljekalas
Bjørn Torske – Hatten Passer
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Bernadette Seacrest

Sunday, July 29th, 2007 by Julija

retro vocal jazz // torch singer-songwriter

Femme fatale, enchanting heroine of film noir, Bernadette Seacrest, creates mystery around her. Following jazz vocal standards and torch singing without the syrup sweetness in it, she sings to rip your heart out. Dark vintage jazz blends with the modern, drenches with her sultry voice and noir atmosphere of a smoky bar.

Sweet romantic demon.
Bernadette Seacrest And Her Yes Men – Money
Bernadette Seacrest And Her Yes Men – Sweet Salvation
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Love Trio

Saturday, July 28th, 2007 by Paul Irish

turkish electrojazz // jamaican dub

Sometimes the back-story is as intriguing as the music. The seeds of Turkish Ilhan Ersahin’s music career were sown upon hearing dub legend U-Roy as a child in Sweden. Now a successful jazz saxophonist and the driving force behind many experimental side projects, as well as Nublu – an eclectic Lower East Side club and label – his musical experience came full circle when he recorded with U-Roy to produce Love Trio In Dub. “Lovers Rock” combines traditional Turkish notes with elegantly programmed and languid dub bass, and features vocals by Sabina Sciubba of the Brazilian Girls.

Intercontinental blunted jazz ripe for Sunday morning repose.
Love Trio – Lovers Rock

Music and words contributed by Kerry Harwin
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Tuesday, July 24th, 2007 by Paul Irish

brazilian fusion // bossa

Just when you think that Brazil must have surely exhausted its supply of irresistibly jazzy, funky, sexy, soulful electro-pop singer-songwriters, a girl named CéU comes along to release an irresistible album full of samba, reggae, dub, electronica, love, heartbreak, chaos and sweet tunefulness. Her influences start with her musicologist father and spread out to genres like valsa, choro, soul, rhythm and blues, hip hop, afrobeat and electrojazz. Isn’t it obvious this deserves a spot on Aurgasm? :)

Quite a mature sound for this Brazilian songstress’ debut
CéU – Rainha
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Sunday, July 22nd, 2007 by Julija

ukrainian acoustic reggae // hip hop

The duo of Ukrainian guys 5’nizza (pronounced pyatnitsa) experiments with layers of vocals and an acoustic guitar like no-one else. Harmonizing the most unexpected, humming, rappin’ and improvising, they bring a smile to your face. Using human voice they create the best quality break-beat rhythms, instrumentation of drums and trumpets. 5’nizza throws together reggae-like sounds, rock influences, bossa nova melodies, random energetic ska, enjoyable hip hop and the greatest fun from Eastern European underground.

Recommended for sunny summer days.
5’nizza – Son
5’nizza – Voda
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Mareva Galanter

Wednesday, July 18th, 2007 by Julija

french electro-pop // yé-yé

A former model expanding her work into music or cinema is not surprising. However, it is rare and surprising when she does it so good, and does it in such a fun way. With her debut album Ukuyéyé (2006), Mareva Galanter, once Miss Tahiti and Miss France, delivers a collection of mostly catchy pop-rock songs from the 60’s. Her coquettish charm and ukulele manage to give it fresh sound and a lovely feeling to it.

Delightful interpretation of the classic.
Mareva Galanter – Les Filles, C’est Fait Pour Faire L’Amour
Mareva Galanter – Miss Hinano
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Note From Paul: I’m looking to bring on some additional writers to Aurgasm. If you like the kinds of music featured here and can find similar stuff, we should talk. This is a paid gig. Current bloggers are welcome, too. Email me at paul -atsymbol-

Budos Band

Thursday, July 12th, 2007 by Paul Irish

staten island soul // afrobeat
(Sorry, no real post. I’m on vacation. :)
Budos Band – Budos Theme
Budos Band – T.I.B.W.F.
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Thursday, June 28th, 2007 by Julija

british soul // turntable soul

The London based threesome of soulful singer, vintage guitarist and a DJ has attracted attention in the underground music scene before the actual album release. And there is a solid reason for that. From funky soul and jazz-like ballads to swinging melodies, combining their hip-hop fetishes with atmospheric instrumentation, Belleruche comes with a long-awaited refreshing sound. Certain delicious vocal similarities and rhythmic quirks makes me think of now parted Moloko.

Dusty vinyl + rum-fueled contemporary sound.
Belleruche – Minor Swing
Belleruche – It’ll Come
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Sunday, June 24th, 2007 by Paul Irish

french folk fusion // musette waltz

While I typically prize innovation in music, this music seems flatly derivative of another favorite artist of mine. And yet, I’m still completely floored by how good it is. If you’ve enjoyed the music of Amelie, you’ve consumed the unique arrangements of Yann Tiersen, who has a delicious repertoire that includes Good Bye Lenin and Les Retrouvailles, etc. Until now, I’d call his music starkly unique, but Detektivbyran’s recordings seem to mimic the instrumentation and style of his alluring recordings. Toy piano, glockenspiel and squeezebox sprinkle across the mad hatter’s workshop of sound. (Thx Christian! A lot!)

Majestic yet innocent. Whimsically complex.
Detektivbyrån – E18
Detektivbyrån – Nattöppet

UPDATE 2007.11.25 ‘Nattöppet’ has been spotted in a new Sprint commercial. Woo!

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