Bjørn Torske

coastal dub // norwegian electronica

Given that he hails from a country where the sun barely sets during the summer months, it’s not hard to understand how Norwegian producer and artist Bjørn Torske was able to create Feil Knapp, an engaging collection of blissful summer electronica. “Møljekalas” dabbles in bright island-esque percussion over an underbelly of melodic synthesized beats. “Hatten Passer” is more true to Torske’s DJ background: a deep pulsating bass line laced with dubby twists and playful whistling.

An album without an ounce of angst.
Bjørn Torske – Moljekalas
Bjørn Torske – Hatten Passer
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3 Responses to “Bjørn Torske”

  1. Marc Brooks :

    so excellent. thanks for brightening up my day, anne!

  2. Bug :

    Tasty black cherry zing.

    Hmm, all this is making me wonder whether I should start tagging my library by flavor.

  3. Kerry :

    The bass programming on Hatten Passer reminds me of the programing on Groove Armada’s first album – personally, I wasn’t so sure about the track until the whistle dropped: then I was sold.