The Matinee Orchestra

laptop folk // avant-pop

Reminding us of simple joys, refreshing as summertime lemonade flavour, The Matinee Orchestra brings a lot more loveliness than one could expect from so called laptop music. From ice-cold tender textures of Múm to the quirky playfulness of CocoRosie and the innocence of Psapp’s toys’ recordings, rich electronic sounds and instrumentation of harmonica, violins, glockenspiel, warm and relaxed guitar tones weave into the softest sound. Genuinely tranquil and warming, they are taking you on a magic journey through the day.

Soundtrack for daydreaming.
The Matinee Orchestra – Run For Cover (It’s Going To Rain)
The Matinee Orchestra – Imagination Of A Watermelon
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3 Responses to “The Matinee Orchestra”

  1. Paperdaisies :

    Perfect for sitting in the warm winter sun nibbling on an orange muffin. I fall in love with nearly every song you post. It’s like a completely different world of music…you help remind me that music is actually an art form. Thank you.

    ps. Matinee reminds of manitee. Haha, that made me laugh.

  2. Julija :

    Thanks to dirkhaim.

    his review + more mp3’s

  3. Bug :

    Mm, raspberry sorbet.