Bernadette Seacrest

retro vocal jazz // torch singer-songwriter

Femme fatale, enchanting heroine of film noir, Bernadette Seacrest, creates mystery around her. Following jazz vocal standards and torch singing without the syrup sweetness in it, she sings to rip your heart out. Dark vintage jazz blends with the modern, drenches with her sultry voice and noir atmosphere of a smoky bar.

Sweet romantic demon.
Bernadette Seacrest And Her Yes Men – Money
Bernadette Seacrest And Her Yes Men – Sweet Salvation
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5 Responses to “Bernadette Seacrest”

  1. Collected Sounds :

    Hi there, I just found your site today and I’m so glad. I really enjoy this artist (I’d never heard of her!)

    Thanks, I’ll be back! :)

  2. Charlemagne :

    I hate to say that her voice shames the actual music.

    I love it. All but the singing.

  3. Binho :

    Great Voice!!!

  4. muruch :

    I must’ve missed your post the first time around. A friend sent me a couple of mp3s by Bernadette Seacrest and it was love at first listen. :)

  5. Tirmfrirl :

    miert ne:)