Mareva Galanter

french electro-pop // yé-yé

A former model expanding her work into music or cinema is not surprising. However, it is rare and surprising when she does it so good, and does it in such a fun way. With her debut album Ukuyéyé (2006), Mareva Galanter, once Miss Tahiti and Miss France, delivers a collection of mostly catchy pop-rock songs from the 60’s. Her coquettish charm and ukulele manage to give it fresh sound and a lovely feeling to it.

Delightful interpretation of the classic.
Mareva Galanter – Les Filles, C’est Fait Pour Faire L’Amour
Mareva Galanter – Miss Hinano
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11 Responses to “Mareva Galanter”

  1. Tobias Weisserth :

    Wonderfully relaxing. Thanks for this post.

  2. daysleeper :

    definitely like the kinds of music you recommend!! have just stumbled on your site a few days back and i’m addicted!

  3. Anonymous :

    Cheers Julija! Always love your selections.

  4. Blonde on Blonde :

    Anyone who’s interested in checking out some cool new music, the Lovemakers have a new album coming out July 24, and its going to be great. There new single, Whine and Dine, is very fun and everyone should check it out!

  5. Nick :

    I could probably post if it was a paid gig, I find alot of good music by reading other sites. I dunno if it would always be artists nobody ever heard about becuase I’m constantly finding artists I like that actually have a large fan base. But yeah I blog Anyways love this site and the tunes. My email is

  6. Morgan :

    Julija – Sweet. Wish you all the best. Thanks for the intro to Mareva.

  7. Guuzbourg :

    One of my Albums of 2006. From Paris and on ukelele too: The Ukelele Girls. Check out their Myspace ( for a great cover of Coolio (or Stevie Wonder, if you like)

  8. Julija :

    Cheers everyone!
    @Guuzbourg, merci beaucoup!

  9. Mike :

    Haha. I’ve bought her album after hearing these. Excellent stuff, Thanks for another grand find!

  10. Gabriel :

    Paul, check out Zaz!

  11. Paul Irish :

    Hah! I’m actually preparing a post on Zaz! :)