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The London based threesome of soulful singer, vintage guitarist and a DJ has attracted attention in the underground music scene before the actual album release. And there is a solid reason for that. From funky soul and jazz-like ballads to swinging melodies, combining their hip-hop fetishes with atmospheric instrumentation, Belleruche comes with a long-awaited refreshing sound. Certain delicious vocal similarities and rhythmic quirks makes me think of now parted Moloko.

Dusty vinyl + rum-fueled contemporary sound.
Belleruche – Minor Swing
Belleruche – It’ll Come
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14 Responses to “Belleruche”

  1. musicman 74 :

    nice one, paul.
    fresh tunes for the masses.

    Been checking them out on myspace and I love this track named “Bump”. Yes, you’re right, there is some Moloko to it.
    I love the way the drums sound on that track, man.

    keep ’em coming.

  2. naples :

    Wow, that is really an amazingly unique sound. I LOVE IT!

  3. Paul Irish :

    @musicman74, I should point out that Julija wrote this post. (Although it seems we independently discovered Belleruche not too long ago. :)

  4. music man 74 :

    oops , my mistake.
    and shame on me …

    wasn’t aware of the fact somebody by the alias of julija was posting here. I’m afraid I always just assumed aurgasm was a paul solo project.

    to find out that julija happens to be behind some of my all time favourite aurgasm findings, including ane brun.

    i was a julija fan before i knew she/he even existed.

    ye,good question, music man 74, he or she ?

    keep ’em coming, julija.
    keep ’em coming, paul.

  5. Julija :

    Hi there, music man,
    I am very glad to hear about your all time favourite Aurgasm findings.
    Oh, and I thought it was obvious Julija is a female name. ;-)

  6. Kenji :

    very interesting

    minor swing seems to be the same base of esthero’s “wicked little girls”

    great voice.

  7. Alexandra :

    @ Kenji:

    The base background beat in “Minor Swing” is actually from the original “Minor Swing” from Django Reinhardt (gypsy jazz).

  8. Paul Irish :

    @Alexandra, great info! I totally forgot about Django. Here’s the video: Django Reinhardt and band playing Minor Swing

  9. zelig :

    Very interesting post. Amazing cover of minor swing, but of course, the video you linked doesn’t feature Django: it’s his brother (and rhythm guitarist in the Quintette Du Hot Club De France), Joseph “Nin Nin” Reinhardt, with Stephane Grappeli on the violin.

  10. Brandon :

    Hey just visited their website and saw they had a release party tomorrow night in London. DJ Vadim will be there showing some love to his Tru Thought friends.

  11. mlighter :

    I’ll have to check them out – being a lover of music, I think their CD will be the first on my acquisition list. Thanks.

  12. Leon :

    Woohoo! Album’s arrived. I’ll let you know how I get on with it.

  13. Ariane :

    Belleruche and Parov Stelar should hook up and have (musical) babies… their sounds are groovily interrelated and make me wanna dance.

  14. lcd :

    Ah, the land of the free!
    You have the right to free speech as long as you speak English.

    best regards, Greg