Aurgasmic Adventures: Betahouse Mix

My good friends at Betahouse, a coworking space in Boston, asked me to put together a mix for their latest party. I was delighted to do so. My mate Tom Kershaw and I boiled down our fave tracks to a solid set.

I continued in the same vein as the Breeze & Sweat mix from 2006 – a sultry, funky, jazzy, chill to hot mix of tunes.

A few funky ones have debuted on Aurgasm before (Bahamadia, Flevans & Freddie), Kraak And Smaak deliver both the hot Max Sedgley and their own brand-new track, and Boston-natives Soul Clap close with some techno heat.

Mix available here as a 104mb zip
Betahouse By Aurgasm


  1. Bahamadia – uknowhowwedo (Ski Remix)
  2. Freddie Cruger – Pushing On feat. Linn
  3. King Britt – Superstar
  4. Beanfield – Re-ac-tion
  5. Peace Orchestra – Meister Petz (Beanfield Remix)
  6. Mr. Scruff – Donkey Ride
  7. Max Sedgley – Devil Inside
  8. Barakas – Kes
  9. Flevans – 12 Apostles
  10. Kraak And Smaak – California Roll
  11. Soul Clap – The Giraffe

18 Responses to “Aurgasmic Adventures: Betahouse Mix”

  1. Tom :

    Nice one mate! Sounds lovely so far :-)

  2. sandeep chauhan :

    Here’s my muxtape:

  3. Tim :

    for some strange reason, i can’t listen to any of them… when i click on the song they load to 100%, but nothing happens? any idea why? i’m in firefox…

  4. Paul Irish :

    Tim, it might be because you’re running Flashblock or Flash is being cranky..

  5. Jimena :

    So… I don’t really really know but you MIGHT like this guy from Uruguay, Martin Buscaglia… maybe. Maybe its an acquired taste. I wasn’t crazy about him at first but now he just won’t leave me alone.

    Check “viajar contigo es como” and “cerebro orgasmo envidia”…

    that’s his myspace


  6. Mr.Moe :

    if you’re using Flashblock, try looking to the bottom of the page where you can activate all the flash-scripts for the playback to work. Only after you’ve clicked them there, the site will play as normal.

  7. DJ Dmadness :

    peace yall..check it out:

    live mix by DJ Dmadness (Oakland, CA)
    recorded at SF soul party Devil’s Pie
    all vinyl selections
    for download link

    1 i will be your friend
    2 smooth operator
    3 slave song
    4 hang on to your love
    5 never as good as the first time
    6 pearls (somalia mix)
    7 paradise
    8 turn my back on you
    9 kiss of life
    10 clean heart
    11 cherry pie
    12 war of the hearts
    13 keep looking
    14 the sweetest taboo
    15 tar baby
    16 love is stronger than pride (mad professor remix)
    17 king of sorrow (guru remix)
    18 cherish the day (ronin remix)
    19 is it a crime
    20 no ordinary love
    21 by your side (the neptunes remix)
    22 your love is king

  8. Joey Pretzels :

    You’ve outdone yourself

  9. Jim :

    Where can I download all the songs in one go?

  10. John :

    Lovely mix Mr. Irish.


  11. johnjohn :

    Excellent selections. I tried to ‘buy the mp3’ for a number of the tunes and nothing was found by Amazon. Can you suggest where to purchase?

  12. HEnry :

    beatport is your best bet for purchasing.

  13. Justin :

    I wish this collection was compiled as a non-stop track just like Breeze and Sweat…

  14. Melanie :

    very nice tunes..
    surprisingly you have also : KRAAK and SMAAK, I just found them and I am in summer love..

  15. Sam :

    I believe the Muxtape link is dead (because it just redirects to is there a way to download this mixtape in one continuous track, like Breeze and Sweat? or listen to it in any form anywhere?? thanks!!

  16. Феликс Сычев :

    Да уж Читаю и понимаю, что не фига не понимаю о чем речь:)

  17. Ben :

    I have been listening to Breeze & Sweat going on 4 years now, and listened many times. I just found this today! Thanks so much Paul. No way to d/l though as Sam said — muxtape link is dead. Workarounds?

  18. Paul Irish :

    Updated! You can now grab the mix as a zip file. :)