dropped out hip hop // dub hop

Icy spicy quiet sizzlin’. You know this song. At least, you’ve heard it sampled before. Bahamadia, the philly princess, emerged as the protege of Gang Starr’s Guru, and dropped this single on the hip hop world. I picked up this remix from Jazzanova’s new Mixing record. (hot shit) This sexy little track has appeared in some quality hip hop grooves before. I’d love to tell you what, but I seriously have no idea. I need you all to help me out on this one.
What was this moist ‘n drippy soul-filled hip hop song sampled in?

Bahamadia – uknowhowwedo (Ski Remix)

2 Responses to “Bahamadia”

  1. deus|diabolus :

    There is a hard house song from a few years back that samples it…I have a friend that used to cane it all the time at the techno club we were residents at. The artist’s name was something VS. something, I think. It was this really hard pounding track, and the chorus came in in the breakdown/drum roll.

  2. Anonymous :

    i believe this was sampled in snoop dogg’s “drop it like it’s hot” feat. pharrell. at least, i think so.