Panic Ensemble

cabaret // klezmer

Fusing the strains of the centuries-old traditions, modern and the experimental, Israeli collective Panic Ensemble creates an intensely dramatic, cabaret-infused sound and appealing theatrical atmosphere. Playing a wide range of instruments, such as viola, accordion, contrabass, keyboards and percussion, the eight musicians of Panic Ensemble mix the expressive Klezmer melodies, massive rock energy and jazz influences. In their recently released self-titled album, Panic Ensemble weave their original arrangements with electronic subtleties and powerful, partly based on professional literature lyrics.

Full of poetic intensity and beauty.
Panic Ensemble – Spring In Your Heart
Panic Ensemble – Jewish Woman
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16 Responses to “Panic Ensemble”

  1. Uri :

    Very impressive live act!

  2. André :

    Being a reader of tinyways, Panic Ensemble is a recurrent act. As good as always Julija =)

  3. Chris :

    I especially like the way the use of “non-traditional” instruments doesn’t overwhelm the song. It’s not like the novel use of some mechanism just to add a gimmick–everything is well integrated, and quite catchy.

  4. MusicFan :

    I don’t understand why you link to instead of linking directly to the artists’ store or label instead…seems like if you really care about helping these bands out that supporting Amazon is NOT the way to go.

  5. Peyton :

    I agree with MusicFan it would make more sense to link directly to the artist…I’m guessing sometimes that might not be possible but it should still be strived for

  6. Paul Irish :

    MusicFan & Peyton,

    While I agree that linking to the artist is important, we link to Amazon primarily because we want to drive sales (i.e. cash money!) to the artist. Some artists do sell their work on their site or through a label, but many do not. Amazon is typically the most consistent in having the music we’re covering.

    That said, I want to link to both. And I’m currently developing a way to link to the artist site, amazon, emusic, itunes and whatever else makes sense. Do you think that would satisfy what you’re saying?

    Thanks for the feedback. I appreciate it.

  7. Dan :

    Paul, Sorry to jack this tread but another idea: please please let us rate your song posts. I’d love to know which are audience favorites, not that your word isn’t sufficient to warrant listening to them all. :)

  8. Alan :

    Love, love this sound! Listening to it, I feel like I’m in a decadent harem in the deserts of the middle east.

  9. snow_san :

    musicfan/peyton. some artists/labels take their sweet time in mailing the cd to you. plus depending on where it’s being sent from, add on more time. i prefer to get a cd w/in a week vs. 2wks to a month.

  10. Twilight :

    I like it!! and I love the choice of music on this MP3 site.

  11. Peyton :

    Your idea sounds great and is exactly what I would like to see…I really appreciate your site and keep up the good work and Thanks for valueing the comment

  12. Erik :

    Israel is really putting out some great music these days… thanks for sharing some of it! “Jewish Woman” has a vibe very reminiscent of early Paris Combo – I look forward to seeing what direction they grow in.

    Going off to buy the CD now, hopefully from somewhere other than Amazon (sorry)… Love the blog!

  13. danmillen :

    I’m smitten

    those Jewish Women do indeed know how to please…

  14. Idan Cohen :

    Paul, this is absurd. I /live/ in Israel, and word of mouth about a cool band reaches my ear only, like, five minutes before you go and post about it. Are you /telepathic/? Are you connected to the /Mossad/?

  15. Idan Cohen :

    Julija, not Paul. Who knew more than one person was posting here? (Not me, is what I am insinuating.)

  16. Craig Petersen :

    This group is truly amazing. Since I couldn’t find the torrent anywhere online, I was forced to buy the mp3 album from amazon.