The Sweet Hurt

indie folk // singer songwriter

The Sweet Hurt, Wendy Wang’s solo project, has been around in various forms since 2003 — since then she’s released a handful of EPs, plays for what seems like a thousand different bands (including The Bird and the Bee, Priscilla Ahn and Obi Best), and last year, released her first full-length album, The Sweet Hurt LP. The album was well worth the wait; it’s winsome and strikingly honest, and highlights Wendy’s talents as a songwriter and instrumentalist. Like the name suggests, there is a quiet loveliness that pervades the entire album, highlighted by the elegant chamber pop arrangements. Take a listen to the stunning “Things Fall Apart” and the impossibly catchy “Hugs” below!

Heartbreaking and heartfelt.
The Sweet Hurt – “Things Fall Apart”
The Sweet Hurt – “Hugs”
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2 Responses to “The Sweet Hurt”

  1. cm :

    Thanks for turning me on to Wendy’s music. It’s grand. Like the best parts of Aimee Mann and Bic Runga. Loving it.

  2. Rachel Adell :

    I love her! She is grand. Refreshingly honest voice, direct lyrics and chill sweet orchestration. Glad she made an album!I I’m going to have to go and check it out.