Priscilla Ahn

singer-songwriter // blithe folk pop

While I can appreciate any artist who can adeptly play and loop the harmonica, guitar and bells for a single song, and often incorporates the banjo, ukulele and even kazoo in her live show; part of me would expect this instrumental overkill to hide a less-than-stellar voice. But not Priscilla. Her voice can only be described as ethereal, and carries a sense of hope and innocence in songs whose lyrics aren’t always so untarnished. This, plus the hint of vulnerability in her music, makes you want to hold your breath and bask in her subtle storytelling. Close your eyes and have a listen.

Gentle wanderings between nostalgia and daydream.
Priscilla Ahn – Lullaby
Priscilla Ahn – Dream

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29 Responses to “Priscilla Ahn”

  1. Paul Irish :

    “Lullaby” is such a gorgeous track. What a find, Michelle!

  2. ylimem :

    Absolutely lovely. My new favorite post.

  3. Michelle :

    So excited to see Priscilla up here! Even more excited that you guys like her. :)

    (Thanks to Serena Choi for the amazing photo.)

  4. Julija :

    What a find, indeed! Wonderful. Thanks, Michelle.

  5. Andrew :

    I just posted something up about her on my blog – she’s an absolutely fantastic singer. I got to see her in concert with Cary Brothers earlier this month and she was really something to listen to.

  6. emily clark :

    I’m so happy more and more people are now noticing Priscilla! She’s been out for awhile now, and it was only a matter of time until she’d begin breaking through. Thanks for supporting her!

  7. Anonymous :

    Dream kinda makes me want to cry.

  8. Blonde on Blonde :

    That was a great find, really beautiful music. Another great band that just released a CD is the Lovemakers. There first single wine and dine is really great, fun and upbeat. Check it out at

  9. Paul Irish :

    hey blondeonblonde. stop spamming this blog with the lovemakers note. i listened to the cd and its pretty bad.

  10. The Swan :

    GORGEOUS! This is like what Jewel always should have been, but never really was. That voice could stand up to almost any arrangement. It would be great to hear her do some covers just to show the difference.

  11. Sixtiz :

    Yes, definitely awesome ! I love to discover new artists here (and many thanks for that, btw), and she really is one of my favorites now !

  12. Demara :

    Oh wow! This singer is beautiful!! I AM breathless…Aw man! I LOVE IT…thanks again dude.

  13. audiotaco :

    Priscilla is wonderful! I loved it when she sang back up for joshua radin- “Pills” never sounded better.

  14. aaron :

    Very good. I enjoyed the song way more than I expected too. Perhaps I was jaded by the mediocrity of KT Tunstall. Thanks.

  15. no1uno :

    just bought the EP from Filter – can’t wait! thanks for the introduction. Vocally, she reminds me of Ingrid Michaelson.

  16. Victor :

    just beautiful. “Dream”…I don’t think I have heard anything like it before, yet it brings me back to a happy state. I have found one of my favorite tracks of all time I think =) Thanks for sharing

  17. palestars » Blog Archive » Priscilla Ahn :

    […] singer/songwriters. Absolutely lovely stuff. You can listen to both of the songs quoted below here, visit Priscilla Ahn’s MySpace page, and view the video of A Dream at […]

  18. Darla Brown :

    I’m only sorry that I hadn’t heard of her till now. What an amazing voice. She reminds me so much of Judy Collins from the 1960’s. A songbird voice, if ever I’ve heard one. She makes me relax and feel like I am sitting right in the middle of nature. To be able to sing a song and bring a near 60 year old woman back to feeling like she’s 12 again is an amazing feat.

  19. Marie :

    I have heard Priscilla live here in Montreal, her voice is breathtaking, her shy beauty alluring. She rocks!

  20. Rjeilee :

    Just found the the name from an angry customer’s website. I was so mad that time but when I heard the song and the voice… Heaven! Of course, I admit, I love you Terra(The customer)!!! Thanks for making my day! Really!

  21. Bruce :

    Just saw Priscilla in Vancouver at the Cellar, unbelieveable! I brought some student songwriters with me and we were all captivated. I loved the Wallflower song but it wasn’t on the ep any chance it will be on the next one..Thank you for a breathtaking performance. And hope you go as far as you want!

  22. Bianca :

    Beautiful songs.
    I love them <3

  23. Kyle :

    Priscilla Ahn is one of my new favorite artists…I saw her with the Hotel Cafe Tour in Ithaca and I fell in LOVE with her. When she sang “Dream” I literally cried in my seat, it was so lovely…and she’s ADORABLE. LOVE her to pieces!!

  24. mika :

    I love Priscilla Ahn. Her voice is beautiful and she is so talented. People should really listen to her music. I actually found these really amazing interviews that she did that people should check out.

  25. Lucas :

    Nice auto tune, Priscilla!

  26. C.P.Scofield :

    This music gives me the warm and fuzzies. Absolutely beautiful.

  27. Sara :

    “Dream” makes me tear up a little.. Just beautiful, Priscilla. :) keep it up, girl.

  28. Carby :

    Amazing music, making me feel very nostalgic, and emphasizing surrealism. Makes the world of today completely bareable…thank you, Priscilla Ahn

  29. Matthew Lefkowitz :

    She’s amazing, beautiful, pure!
    I’ve heard Priscilla half a year ago and since that time I can’t wake up without her songs! She’s unreal, guys!