Silent Land Time Machine

post-rock // shoegaze

Originating from Austin’s diverse, musical underbelly, Silent Land Time Machine draws its influences from such cult hits as Godspeed You! Black Emperor and A Silver Mt. Zion. This one-man symphony features the viola, violin, guitar, accordion, piano and anything else he can get his hands on. While he credits much of his instrumental inspiration to violist Anni Rossi and Zion’s Sophie Trudeau, his dynamic self-recordings successfully create his own polyphonic brand of music. It’s the perfect music to attach to the soundtrack of your sentimental memories and dreams.

Nostalgic polaroids flip past while your odometer flips forward.
Silent Land Time Machine – Everything Goes To Shit
Silent Land Time Machine – The Thing This Doesn’t Mean Is Nothing

Words and music contributed by Abhinav

6 Responses to “Silent Land Time Machine”

  1. Diego :

    I saw this SLTM in concert and he was amazing!

  2. scout :

    im skipping on purple clouds while holding hands with all my friends when i listen to silent land time machine!!

  3. Anonymous :

    très joli chanson et une très belle voix génial j’adore!!!!

  4. John Schellinger :

    Very nice stuff; reminiscent of Penquin Cafe Orchestra; keep it up; you’ll get labeled one fine day; lol

  5. Ali :

    how is it that i live in austin and have never heard of these guys? they’re great!

  6. horny for SLTM :

    where can i send fan mail?