Nostalgia 77

Jazz // Rhythm // Soul

Nostalgia 77, also known as Benedic Lamdin, is a prolific producer of Jazz with a highly developed sense of rhythm. On the 22nd of March his new LP The Sleepwalking Society will be released on Tru Thoughts. This is officially the fourth Nostagia 77 studio album and it has taken almost four years since the previous release. In the mean time he has worked with Jazz legends Keith and Julie Tippett, played with Larry Stabbins of Stonephace and produced for Sara Mitra & Lizzy Parks. Last year he released two albums on his own Impossible Ark imprint: the afro-funky project Skeletons Smile LP and an afro-latin influenced project with Hugo Mendez titled Rhythmagic Orchestra. See discogs for an extensive list of his work. Out now is the single “Simmerdown” featuring the warm vocals of german Josa Peit (also on soundcloud). Josa provides all vocals on the upcoming LP, of which the track “Cherry” is included below. More material by Josa Peit can be found on her soundcloud.

Grooves for your jazzy moods.
Nostalgia 77 – Cherry
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4 Responses to “Nostalgia 77”

  1. ADD :

    soothing, nostalgic….

  2. Rachel Adell :

    Freaking rad and down right sexy. jazz is not easy, but man josa just made it look easy-didn’t she. sheesh! That was a very simple and fantastic video as well!

  3. sjoerd :

    AS of NOW the entire album is available as a stream on the KCRW website:

  4. Sjoerd :

    Out today! Order yours from Etchshop: