Luísa Maita

brazilian fusion // urban

Brazilian songstresses are a significant part of the abundance of Brazilian produce you have been hearing over the last few years. Critically acclaimed CéU and Cibelle as well as lesser known to a wider audience Aurgasm-loved honey-voiced Aline de Lima or Ana Martins already found their audience in both the US and Europe. Now it’s the turn of São Paolo based Luísa Maita. Fusing tropical rhythms and more urban grooves, her debut Lero-Lero (2010) is a mixture of relaxing bossa, capoeira rhythms, funky beats and soulful vocals. Let the mellow vibes caress your ears for the rest of the day.

Soothing and danceable, unmistakably Brazilian vibe.
Luísa Maita – Lero-Lero
Luísa Maita – Fulaninha
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7 Responses to “Luísa Maita”

  1. Mayar :

    This is the coolest & most soothing portages music I’ve ever heard not that I heard a lot but it is so special & pure I love it :)

  2. Ana Diegues :

    Fulaninha is definitely my favorite!! Luísa’s voice is just so soft and beautiful… lovely! Makes me feel really proud that she is a Brazilian.. :D That’s it sis, totally in love with your music!

    Kisses from Brasil!
    That’s my first time in this website and I am lovin’ it!

  3. Dangerscouse :

    Love these tunes, and it’s saved for later on emusic….just waiting for some more downloads. Nice one, and massive thanks from Liverpool, England

  4. Rorita :

    It’s really amazing how her soft voice combines with these amazing melodies…really and absolutely sublime!

  5. BinhO :

    Isso é Brasil!

  6. cins :

    As a Turk if I do not understand something very nice tunes

  7. Russ :

    I have to completely agree with you guys, Luísa is definitely one for the future. Lero-Lero has been one of my favourite songs all summer!