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If you’ve been paying attention Cibelle (see-BELL-ee) has already caught your attention, I’m a little late on this but didn’t want to not post this songstress. São Paulo raised Cibelle crafts tunes that tell stories embellished by an instrumentation that won’t disappoint; ½ her album was produced by ½ of indie folk outfit Tunng. Her approach to song construction (somewhat explained on her myspace) reminds me of The Books and Psapp. You won’t hear her lovely vocals in Portuguese in the songs below, but that’s a treat, just the same.

Innovating on old-world beauty.
Cibelle – Waiting
Cibelle – Green Grass
Cibelle – London, London (feat. Devendra Banhart) (video)
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12 Responses to “Cibelle”

  1. Paul Irish :

    ps. if you start a blog, use wordpress. blogger has been giving me so much trouble recently.

  2. azulmarino :

    The first time I listened to this tune I felt I knew this tune… and yes… it was sung by Tom Waits in his album Real Gone.

  3. Kenji :

    beautiful voice. nice vocal tecnique.

    green grass resembles billie holliday a little bit :-)

  4. Jen :

    Here, here. WordPress rocks.

  5. Marc :


  6. mike :

    wordpress, blogger.. whatever. keep the good music coming maan.

  7. Jen :

    I havent had a chance to listen to Blackbird til now—fab. Fab fab fab. This is why I love having aurgasms. ;)

  8. Yossarian :

    Wow, she’s great — thanks!

  9. vain :

    She is cool!

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  12. Larry Grove :

    Can I find info. on Cibelle’s music albumns. Also her “story”